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The Heart of the Herd

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Dedication that’s valued.

At the heart of the Herd, there’s you: a faculty or staff member committed to the Mastodon community. You lead with determination, teach with expertise, and guide with compassion, all while supporting students—and each other. 

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Dedicated People
“I love the people at PFW because it’s like a family and very close. You share things and help each other, and it’s wonderful how the staff works together there.”
Daniel Lin, Helmke Library Information Services Technician
Portrait of Daniel Lin laughing
Dedicated People
“What can individuals do to sustain that passion over time, as well as what can departments and campuses do? In my position now, that’s my job, to figure out how to help people by supporting their teaching, improving their teaching, and celebrating their teaching.”
Marcia Dixson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning
Marcia Dixson is siting in her office.
Dedicated People
“Teaching is my calling because it is the one way that I have any opportunity to change the world for the better.”
William Sauerland, Assistant Professor of Music and Director of Choral Studies
William Sauerland is conducting a choir
Dedicated People
“I want [students] to care for people and think bigger picture about what is going on. We’re going to need voices for people who have mental health concerns, and if that gets pushed to the side, then who is going to fight for that?”
Joel Givens, Assistant Professor of Counselor Education
Portrait of Joel Givens
Dedicated People
“You are never done, and you are always looking.”
Bruce Arnold, Manager of Life Science Support Service
Bruce Arnold in his office
Dedicated People
“I’m here to help connect with students so they feel comfortable and welcome on campus.”
Rhonda Meriwether, Director of the Multicultural Center
Rhonda Meriwether is standing in front of the Multicultural Center office
Dedicated People
“I show that I care by pushing you to do your best.”
Terri Swim, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs
Portrait of Terri Swim
Dedicated People
“I just enjoy connecting with international students on campus and getting to know them and their culture.”
Mike Slaubaugh, Professor of Accounting
Portrait of Mike Slaubaugh
Dedicated People
“You have to learn to say, ‘I’m sorry,’ a lot, and ‘We’ll work to make it better.’ It’s stressful, but I have a good group of people who work for me who make things a lot easier.”
Kirk Tolliver, Associate Director for Payroll and Compensation
Portrait of Kirk Toliver
Dedicated People
“Of all the schools I’ve worked at, there is none like this which hustles to help the kids get internships and jobs. There’s no school better.”
Heather Tierney, Associate Professor of Economics
Portrait of Heather Tierney in her office
Dedicated People
“You still want to learn every day.”
Tom Wilson, Technical and Facilities Manager, Special Events
Tom Wilson is smiling
Dedicated People
“There is laughter in our office each and every day and we all value and support each other in so many ways. It’s such a great work culture for which we are all so grateful.”
Lisa Brodasky, Executive Assistant and Business Operations Manager, Doermer School of Business
Lisa Brodasky is sitting in her office
Dedicated People
“I love what this place stands for. How could you not love working at a place that changes people’s lives for the better?”
Diana Jackson, Special Projects Manager, Business Manager, Director of the PFW Foundation
Portrait of Diana Jackson
Dedicated People
“You get the right faculty and people who care and show you the path, it makes a massive difference.”
Rick Sutter, Professor of Anthropology
Portrait of Professor Richard Sutter
Dedicated People
“I think we forget how impactful we can be on these humans’ lives, especially as they navigate the changes they will go through during their time as a student here.”
James Velez, Director of Student Life
James Velez is speaking at a lectern
Dedicated People
“[W]hen I got here, everything seemed to click…I loved the students and got a good response from them. I particularly liked the dean, the department chair, and my colleagues. It was the most irenic, peaceful, positive place I have ever worked. It just clicked in every way, and more good things keep happening.”
James McHann, Clinical Professor of Management
Jim McHann is teaching in a classroom
Dedicated People
“When I walk in each morning — I’ve done this for so many years — this is my home, and it’s been part of my life for so long. I enjoy working here.”
Jana Lese, Senior Clerk for Division of Continuing Studies
Jana Lese is working at her desk
Dedicated People
“I see a vision for more greater and purposeful ideas, and sometimes I can’t get to it because life can throw wrenches in your plan, but the beauty is using your skills to work with what you have.”
Cicelle Beemon, Program Assistant for the Women’s Center
Cicelle Beemon is displaying her homecoming queen tiara
Dedicated People
“It takes a lot of people to keep this campus going, a lot of people doing different stuff.”
Jerry McCagg, Building Services Supervisor
Portrait of Jerry McCagg
Dedicated People
“I’ve just enjoyed working with technology and making an impact on students.”
Brian Spaulding, Assistant Director of Technology Support and Esports
Brian Spaulding is in the Esports Lab at Purdue Fort Wayne
Dedicated People
“For me, doing this job is very personal because I know what it’s like to be a student with a disability.”
Ryan McCombs, Disability Access Center Director
Portrait of Ryan McCombs, director of the Disability Access Center at Purdue Fort Wayne
Dedicated People
“I love what I do. I almost feel like this is my second home because I’ve always loved coming to work. I feel pretty confident in what I do, and I have great support and great people that I see and talk to. I’d really miss them.”
Jane Hirschbiel, Administrative Assistant, Department of Accounting
Portrait of Jane Herschbiel
Dedicated People
“As the designer, you have the ability to change the environment and change the world, and help people in many different ways.”
Suining Ding, Professor of Interior Design
Suining Ding teaches a class
Dedicated People
“That’s what I tell everybody, you are going to make mistakes. I made some stupid ones in my life. Good people make mistakes. This is an educational environment, and it’s a good chance to teach them and to learn.”
Tim Potts, Chief, Purdue University Fort Wayne Police Department
Portrait of Police Chief Tim Potts
Dedicated People
“I’m a circus ringleader who helps students go from ‘I don’t know’ to ‘I’m ready to grow.’”
Meg Underwood, Director of Professional Development and Outreach for the Doermer School of Business
Meg Underwood counsels students in her office
Dedicated People
“Life can either make you or break you, you decide. I decided it wasn’t going to break me.”
Dimples Smith, Learning and Development Director for Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity
Dimples Smith portrait.
Dedicated People
“I love teaching and working with students, and I love watching their drive and their passion for music develop.”
John Buteyn, Director of Popular Music, Music Industry, and Music Technology Programs and Director of Gold Top Music Group
John Buteyn is sitting in a recording studio
Dedicated People
“Now I’m clear on my ‘why,’ and that drives how I do what I do—and I don’t feel overwhelmed, I don’t feel tired, I feel fulfilled. I’ve got clarity of purpose, and I look forward to doing what I’m doing because I know why I’m here.”
Brad Oliver, Department of Counseling and Graduate Education Chair
Professor Brand Oliver teaching a class.
Dedicated People
“This is more than just being a teacher and a student…It’s about friendship and their health, and also helping each other to be happy, and at the same time learn things and have peace of mind.”
Behin Elahi, Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering Technology
Portrait o Professor Behin Elahi
Dedicated People
“I am able to come in every day and do something that is impactful and has real value and meaning for young people. I am providing an example of you can be different and live a fulfilling, happy life and be successful and lead a department and do all of these things.”
Vic Spencer, Director of The Q Center
Portrait of Vic Spencer
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