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Audience at George Takei night during Omnibus 2022.

Omnibus Speaker Series

“Political Outlook: A Comprehensive Picture of What’s Going On in Washington”

The Omnibus Speaker Series presents our next guest, Donna Brazile, on Thursday, February 29. Brazile is a veteran Democratic political strategist, syndicated columnist, and ABC News contributor. Hear her take on today’s political climate and what exactly is happening in Washington, DC.

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Who Are You?

You know yourself best. So why not discover programs based on who you are? Find the card that describes you and see what programs you fit into at Purdue Fort Wayne.


Square Root

Math Wiz

You speak the language of numbers.
View 54 Programs

Tech Guru

People think you’re a magician because you know the secrets.
View 36 Programs
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You enjoy helping people face challenges and solve problems.
View 29 Programs

Good Listener

Hearing others and what they need—it’s kind of your thing.
View 52 Programs


You’re good at a lot, so why limit yourself to one thing?
View 33 Programs


Once upon a time . . . (You fill in the rest.)
View 32 Programs

History Buff

We have to understand where we came from. You get that.
View 19 Programs
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Problem Solver

Solutions. You’re really good at finding them.
View 25 Programs

Spotlight Star

If anyone needs you, they just look for the spotlight.
View 18 Programs


You want to know how things work—and how to improve them.
View 49 Programs

Aspiring Entrepreneur

You know how to put ideas into motion.
View 34 Programs

Justice Crusader

A champion of justice—righting wrongs is your passion.
View 14 Programs

Student of Life

People. Cultures. Movements. You want to know more.
View 37 Programs

Born Leader

You know how to inspire a team.
View 59 Programs


Contemplative. Dark. Inspired. Your art speaks for you.
View 22 Programs

Language Lover

Bonjour. Hola. Auf wiedersehen. You speak our language.
View 31 Programs
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People Person

You enjoy interacting with and helping others.
View 70 Programs
Hiking traveler

Travel Enthusiast

The world is calling, and you’re ready to answer.
View 16 Programs

Number Cruncher

Statistically speaking, you know what adds up.
View 57 Programs


You’re able to bring words to life.
View 36 Programs


You’re a calming presence.
View 25 Programs
Music Note

Musical Prodigy

Beethoven, Bach, and you. It’s all in the notes.
View 15 Programs

Budding Einstein

Relatively speaking, you have big ideas too.
View 37 Programs
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Connect with Clubs
“I love to learn about human culture and the history of human evolution, and about visual anthropology and the process of documenting cultures throughout time. With the Anthropology Club, I have connected with experts in anthropology around the world to ask them to teach PFW students about their research and anthropological experiences in our weekly meetings.”
BellaRose Ferrin, Anthropology
BellaRose Ferrin poses for a portrait.
Subjects You Care About
“I chose to major in psychology because I enjoy the thought processes of trying to understand people and how they become who they are.”
Elijah Paulk, B.S. ’23
Student Elijah Paulk poses for a photo.
The Experience You Want
“I came to PFW because we have great school districts in the Fort Wayne area. I wanted to be in as many schools as possible to get the most experience.”
Ainsley Wehrle, B.S.Ed. ’23
Student headshot
Excellent Student-to-Professor Ratio
“I chose Purdue Fort Wayne because of its smaller campus and its excellent student-to-professor ratio. Additionally, my anthropology internship with RESCOM Environmental Corp has given me more experience and skills in the field of archaeology.”
Andrew Tom Anzueto, B.A. ’23
Andrew Anzueto poses for a portrait.
Staying on Track
“I think one thing that stands out the most to me is how much this university wants me to succeed in my college career. I have had certain advisors reach out to me in order to help me plan out classes, and to make sure I am staying on track with my goals I’ve set for myself.”
Stephanie Patrick, B.A. ’23
COLA Communications major student portrait.
Thought-Provoking Conversations
“Getting to work with like-minded and motivated classmates has got to be one of the best experiences by far because I get to have interesting, thought-provoking conversations, both within and outside of the classroom.”
Mitzy Montoya, Mechanical Engineering Technology
ETCS student portraiture.
Get Involved
“It’s great to get involved on campus and meet with people who you might not even know you go to school with!”
Kyler Menifield, Industrial Engineering Technology
Student Kyler Menifield poses for a photo.
Close Connections
“Purdue Fort Wayne really embodies the small-school-with-a-big-school feel. I think the close connections with professors and individual attention are beneficial. Additionally, I have made a lot of good connections and cultivated relationships with my peers and faculty members that I wouldn’t have had the chance to do if it weren’t for being a part of the Honors Program.”
Malaika Ahmed, B.S. ’22
Malaika Ahmed
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