Office of Academic Affairs

Matching Courses

Adding an existing Purdue course from another campus to the IPFW catalog requires the dean and chair signatures from all the other campuses that offer the class.


  • Department scans form 40 or 40g and any supporting documents which includes IPFW chair and dean signatures
  • Department sends the original signed form and supporting documents in the campus mail to Carol Sternberger to post for remonstrance
  • Department sends the signed scanned form and documents electronically to all campuses that offer the course, one at a time. After a campus sends it back in the mail signed, scan it and then email it to the next campus so that all the signatures are one form.
  • Be sure to inform the chair and dean at each campus to send the form back to IPFW, NOT to the PU Graduate School
  • When all signatures are received, send form and all supporting documents in the campus mail to Carol Sternberger
  • She will sign, make copies, and send them electronically and by US mail to the Purdue Registrar or the PU Graduate School to request that IPFW wants to add the course to our campus.
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