Communications and Marketing

Trademarks and Licensing

Communications and Marketing controls, protects, and maintains the various Purdue University Fort Wayne logos and symbols. Our Licensing maintains the integrity of the Purdue Fort Wayne brand, which benefits the University in many ways, such as general and athletic scholarship funds.

Note: Use of Purdue Fort Wayne’s trademarks without licensing or permission is strictly prohibited. Consult Communications and Marketing before using the official marks.

Our Licensing Partner

All products bearing Purdue Fort Wayne's brand must be purchased from businesses licensed by the University. Purdue University Fort Wayne is a member of Learfield Licensing, which manages the licensee applications and royalties to the University.

Licensed Vendors

You must use the list of approved licensed vendors if your department is using University funds to purchase University-branded products. To find the list of your approved vendors seach for Purdue University Fort Wayne on the Learfield website. If your department is purchasing uniforms, you must use the list of approved uniform vendors [PDF].

Need Help?

If these vendors are unable to produce the product you're looking for, please contact

Learn more about the Purdue System Trademarks and Licensing policy and governance here.