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Chemistry professor explaining a molecule frame work to a student.

Degree Programs

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Students in chemistry lab

Your eagerness to learn combined with our support is a formula for greatness.

Whether you’re looking for a bachelor’s degree or simply want to mingle in the fascinating world of chemistry and biochemistry, we have something for everyone.


Pick your path.

An education in chemistry and biochemistry is about so much more than studying atoms, molecules, ions, changes, and reactions—at Purdue Fort Wayne, you’ll learn everything you need to be a successful scientist, no matter your area of specialization. This is where you’ll gain insight into how chemists view the world, the nature of chemical experimentation, and its result and significance within the fields of science and human exploration. That’s some pretty deep stuff.

*Students in this program have the option of earning a dual degree with a B.S.Ed. in secondary education.

Chemistry lab with students doing experiments.

Minors and Certificates

Something for every passion.

Sometimes you just want to explore an area before you commit to a whole four-year degree. We’ve got you covered here in chemistry. Whether you love letting your scientific mind shine and want to enhance your education with one of of our minors or aren’t quite sure how to put your scientific talents to use, our minors are the way to go.

Graduate and Professional School

Think bigger.


This is where you’ll receive the solid foundation of a prestigious undergraduate Purdue degree—and the specific knowledge to prepare you for the pursuit of an advanced degree.

Students studying together.


Step forward today.

Take your first step toward making your mark on the world by pursuing a degree from Purdue Fort Wayne.