Important: New Academic Organizational Structure in Effect July 1
As of July 1, the College of Arts and Sciences has split into two new colleges: the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science. Learn more here.
College of Liberal Arts

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Designed to prepare students for professional and academic careers, our degree program is grounded in the theory and research of human communication. Students in our program range from working professionals, those seeking employment or advancement within a professional field, and students interested in advanced graduate work at the doctoral level. The diversity of courses in the department, and those available in other disciplines, enable students to craft a program of study tailored to their individual educational goals. There are three specializations in the degree program:

  • Interpersonal and Organizational Communication Theory
  • Media Studies
  • Critical/ Cultural Studies

Students enrolled in the Purdue University Fort Wayne Department of Communication graduate program are able to earn either a Master of Arts (M.A.) or a Master of Science (M.S.) in Professional Communication. The requirements for each degree are identical. For most students in the U.S., the M.A. is the desired graduate degree in Communication, especially for students seeking to continue studying at another institution offering a Ph.D. in Communication. Some students, particularly from abroad, have a specific need to earn an M.S., since some international countries recognize the M.S. in Communication as the norm. Contact the Graduate Program Director if you'd like to discuss which degree is best suited to your educational goals.