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Students in Italy

beyond the classroom

department of art and design

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Take a break from your books.

Studying and taking tests is important and all, but so is going beyond the classroom to enhance your college experience. Check out the options you have to create the experience you want.

jobs and internships

Jobs provide the extra cash you need to fuel your college experience. Discover both on-campus and off-campus opportunities.


Internships provide you with a unique opportunity to see how your degree opens doors for you in the real world. Check out what’s available now, and look back often for more opportunities.


Student Organizations

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research opportunities 

Learning extends beyond classrooms here. 

We’re committed to enriching your academic experience by providing enhanced opportunities for participation in the process of scholarly and creative exploration and discovery through University Research and Innovation.

study abroad

Let the world be your classroom.

Your college experience is special—and uniquely yours. Imagine enhancing it by taking your studies overseas. Living and learning in a different country will foster both your independence and your personal development. Through this experience, and the knowledge you’ll gain living like a local, you’ll emerge with a new perspective.

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Art exhibit on a study abroad trip.