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Physics demonstration showing the Einstein field equation.

About Us

Department of Physics

Study what matters.

We experience the effects described by physics every day, from the light we see to the sounds we hear to the forces (such as weight) we experience. This is because physics describes motion and collisions—in essence and energy. And if you want to understand energy, you need to understand physics.

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Male student posing outdoors.

Mission, goals, and vision

What we stand for.

The Department of Physics provides a high-quality physics education, producing well-prepared graduates who are confident in their abilities and understanding of physics. The department also promotes physics research and creative activities of students, faculty, and staff. 

The Department of Physics engages with the university community and the larger community, providing greater understanding of the nature of physical science, an appreciation of physics in everyday life, and technical expertise.

Our primary goal is to provide an excellent education. We achieve this for all students by ensuring the following: 

General education students will

  • gain an appreciation of physics in common life experiences,
  • gain insight into physical processes,
  • understand the nature of science,
  • qualitatively analyze and solve problems, and
  • gain the ability to think critically.

Students completing an introductory physics course will

  • gain an appreciation of physics as a useful tool in their field of study,
  • gain insight into physical processes,
  • understand the nature of science,
  • qualitatively analyze and solve problems,
  • gain the ability to think critically, and
  • quantitatively analyze and solve problems of depth and complexity.

Physics majors will

  • gain a strong working knowledge of basic science and physics—mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, optics, quantum mechanics, and other modern physics topics—and
  • be involved in research.

Postbaccalaureate students will

  • have the skills and knowledge needed to evenly compete with degree holders from larger universities,
  • provide a research center for scholarly and creative physics activities, and
  • provide physical and scientific knowledge to the greater community.

Our department vision includes the following: 

  • To be nationally recognized as a model of an effective and successful physics program
  • To be a program of choice in the region
  • To have a reputation for our successful research and creative activities
  • To have a reputation for the success of our students and graduates
Physics student using a telescope in the observatory lab.


Calling all star seekers. 

Friday Night at the Observatory events are offered on the third Friday evening of each month during the academic year. A public presentation begins at 7:30 p.m. On those evenings when weather permits, the presentation is followed by stargazing with faculty members and members of the Society of Physics Students.


Expand your mind to discover what’s possible. 


Lasers. Telescopes. Photonics. Optics labs, a physics zoo, and our own GeoGarden. Physics majors at Purdue Fort Wayne have the option to explore the entire world of physics.

Contact us

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Contact the Department of Physics at [email protected].