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Find help, guidance, and assistance in the Department of Counseling and Graduate Education—and across campus.

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The key to success.

Making the decision to pursue your master’s degree is a big choice. It can lead to more experiences, greater knowledge, and bigger opportunities. To make sure that you’re on track, utilize your advisor’s knowledge and all the advising resources available to you.


A powerful tool to help you improve.

Assessment is integral to creating and improving an effective education program at all levels. In the Department of Counseling and Graduate Education, we use Taskstream to help us collect and store your assessments. This information allows us to modify, improve, and evolve our teaching and programs to better serve you.

You will be provided a subscription to Taskstream for each semester that you are in the transition to teaching, educational leadership, or special education programs. Your course instructors will talk to you about Taskstream and the specific assessments you will upload to this data-collection system.


Purdue Fort Wayne staff will create your Taskstream account early in your program. You will receive an email from both Taskstream and Purdue Fort Wayne notifying you that the account is ready to be activated. Follow the links in the Taskstream email to verify the account.

Once you have verified your account, you can visit the TaskStream website to log in. After you have logged in, you will need to enroll in the appropriate Direct Response Folio (DRF) where you can submit various key assessments.

Find TaskStream self-enrollment codes here.

Additional guidance for getting started in TaskStream is available in the quick-start guide for students here.

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Get help paying for graduate school.

Federal Work-Study. Loans. Scholarships. There are a variety of financial opportunities you can take advantage of to help pay for your degree. Discover what works best for you.


The support you need.


Your education is not a singular pursuit, and we recognize that. You’ll have plenty of support from the Mastodon community.