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Real-World Learning

Department of Counseling and Graduate Education

Your field experience will provide crucial real-world learning.

From counselor training in the Community Counseling Center to hands-on learning as an educational leader, the field experiences within the Department of Counseling and Graduate Education will set you up for success with some of the following benefits:

  • Gain experience in your field with real projects, clients, and employers
  • Improve chances of gaining employment after graduation
  • Explore careers and gain realistic expectations
  • Receive support from Purdue Fort Wayne
  • Apply classroom theories to the work environment and gain insight to future class topics
  • Grow your network and establish valuable references
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COUNSELING Graduate Education SOE

Community Counseling Center

Perfect the skills you’ve learned—without leaving campus.

Get field experience and on-site training at the Purdue Fort Wayne Community Counseling Center. With supervision from our expert faculty, you’ll have the opportunity to help adults, children, and families work through loss, stress, anxiety, relationship struggles, parenting and child discipline, and more.

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Study Abroad

Let the world be your classroom.

Your college experience is special—and uniquely yours. Imagine enhancing it by taking your studies overseas. Living and learning in a different country will foster both your independence and your personal development. Through this experience, and the knowledge you’ll gain living like a local, you’ll emerge with a new perspective.