College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Alan SandstromAnthropology and Sociology

If you are interested in the variety of cultures and languages in the world and the origin, development and behavior of people, consider a major in anthropology and sociology. An awareness of ourselves and how we function in society can be a very valuable educational asset. Anthropologists must be creative and open-minded and possess intellectual curiosity, the ability to think logically, and have good communication skills.

High School Preparation

A college preparatory program with a strong emphasis on written and oral communication skills is good preparation for success as a college anthropology major. Math courses will help you develop the ability to think logically and methodically, an important asset in any college major or career you choose.


After earning a bachelor's degree, you may want to continue your study of anthropology in graduate school and teach at the college level. A doctoral degree is required for most positions in colleges and universities and is important for advancement to many top-level nonacademic research and administrative posts. You may decide to apply to law or medical school. Or you may pursue a career in middle or high school teaching, business, museum work, full-time research, or civil or foreign service. A degree in anthropology will help you prepare for any career where an understanding of people and cultures is an asset.