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Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Center of Excellence

A purpose that counts.

The Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics strives to promote, conduct, and disseminate research in applied mathematics and statistics. We also work to strengthen the educational mission of the Department of Mathematical Sciences by providing guidance and research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. As part of our outreach program, the center’s goal is to facilitate interdisciplinary scholarship initiatives, provide consulting services, and promote closer relations with local industry.

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About The Center

Who we are and what we do.

The Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics actively seeks partnerships with local and regional business, to attract funded consulting opportunities and collaborate on project of mutual interest. We also offer seminars, workshops or mini-courses addressing contemporary research, technology, and applications.

In addition, our members

  • publish their research findings in peer-reviewed journals, books, and chapters;
  • present scholarship achievements at regional, national, and international meetings and conferences; and
  • disseminate these findings at colloquia and seminars on and off campus.

Members also provide

  • guidance to undergraduate and graduate students involved in research or consulting projects at the center and 
  • undergraduate research at the center as a stepping stone for graduate studies and/or a career in industry.

Lilly Endowment Inc.’s initiative, Charting the Future for Indiana's College and Universities, has funded $10,000,000 for Indiana Digital Crossroads, a statewide network of regional hubs for data science.

Sue Mau and Carol Dostal, PFW ETCS, math and science middle school outreach, 2019–2020. $30,000 funded by the Lincoln Financial Foundation.

Sue Mau, Yvonne Zubovic, and Mark Masters, PFW Physics, math and science middle school outreach, 2018–2019. $30,000 funded by the Lincoln Financial Foundation.

Dan Yorgov and Yihao Deng, Curriculum Development Grant for Data Science, 2017–2018. $35,000 funded by the Lincoln Financial Foundation.

Joe Francis, Curriculum Development Grant for Actuarial Science, 2016–2017. $45,000 funded by the Lincoln Financial Foundation.

Since its opening in 2013, the Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics has secured over $150,000 in local grants and contracts from collaborations with regional industries:

Applied Research Projects (ARP):

  • Fiscal Year 2017–18: 1 ARP: $26,500
  • Fiscal Year 2015–16: 1 ARP: $24,039
  • Fiscal Year 2014–15: 1 ARP: $9,500.

Technical Assistance Projects (TAP):

  • Fiscal Year 2018–19: 1 TAP: $7,200
  • Fiscal Year 2017–18: 2 TAPs: $14,400
  • Fiscal Year 2016–17: 1 TAP: $7,200
  • Fiscal Year 2015–16: 3 TAPs: $18,360

Technical Assistance Agreements (TAA):

  • Fiscal Year 2018–19: 1 TAA: $4,808
  • Fiscal Year 2017–18: 2 TAAs: $7,808
  • Fiscal Year 2016–17: 1 TAA: $2,800
  • Fiscal Year 2015–16: 2 TAAs: $3,975
  • Fiscal Year 2014-15: 1 TAA: $2,940.


Research Projects (RP):

  • Fiscal Year 2016-17: 2 RPs: $28,993.


Consulting with regional public agencies:

  • Planning Department of Allen County
  • Garrett School Corporation
  • Fort Wayne Community Schools

Peter Dragnev
Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Yihao Deng
Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Jeff Anderson
Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Alessandro Selvitella
Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Chand Chauhan
Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Bin Chen
Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dan Coroian
Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Alan Legg
Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Marc Lipman
Professor Emeritus, Mathematical Sciences

Drake Olejniczak
Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences

John Osowski
Continuing Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences

Yifei Pan
Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Doug Townsend
Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Dan Yorgov
Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Yuan Zhang
Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Yvonne Zubovic
Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Peter Boyvalenkov
Professor and Associate Director
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Sofia, Bulgaria
[email protected]

N. Rao Chaganty
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA
[email protected]

Shaoyu Dai
Jinling Institute of Technology
Nanging, China

Keng Deng
Lafayette Coca-Cola/BORSF Endowed Professor
Department of Mathematics
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, LA
[email protected]

Kathleen L. Foster
Assistant Professor of Biology
Department of Biology
Ball State University
Muncie, IN
[email protected]

Yang Liu
Zhejiang Normal University
Jinhua, Zhejiang, China

Ramón Orive
Departamento de Análisis Matemático
Universidad de La Laguna
Tenerife, Spain
[email protected]

Maya Stoyanova
Associate Professor and Associate Dean
Faculty of Mathematics and informatics
Sofia University
Sofia, Bulgaria
[email protected]

Desiderio Vasquez
Departamento de Ciencias, Sección Física,
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Lima 32, Peru

Natalia Zorii
Institute of Mathematics
Ukrainian Academy of Sciences
Kiev, Ukraine
[email protected]

Contact Us

Have questions?


Reach out to the center’s co-directors.

Dr. Jeff Anderson
[email protected]

Dr. Yihao Deng
[email protected]

Dr. Peter Dragnev
[email protected]

Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Kettler Hall, Room 276
2101 East Coliseum Boulevard
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46805-1499