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Beyond the Classroom

department of Criminal Justice and Public Administration

The Herd belongs in the community.

Every step outside campus allows our Mastodons to show off their knowledge and skills. Find opportunities to implement in the real world the theories and ideas you learn in the classroom. With an internship, you’ll have every chance to build an impressive résumé that will take you where you want to go. 

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The start of great things.

  • Gain experience in your field with real projects, clients, and employers
  • Improve chances of gaining employment after graduation
  • Explore careers and gain realistic expectations
  • Receive support from Purdue Fort Wayne
  • Apply classroom theories to the work environment and gain insight into future class topics
  • Grow your network and establish valuable references

Your advisor and a faculty mentor can help you have a beneficial experience where you can earn academic credits and gain real-world experience.

  • Allen County Commissioner
  • Allen County Adult Probation
  • Allen County Office of Homeland Security
  • Allen County Public Defender’s Office
  • Allen County Superior Court
  • DeKalb County Probation Department
  • Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Fort Wayne Police Department
  • Parkview Hospital Police Department
  • PFW Police Department
  • US Probation & Pre-Trial Services

Internship FAQ 

Undergraduate students must have achieved a junior or senior standing and must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA and a 2.3 core/major GPA. Graduate students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0.

You should contact Daniel Patten, assistant professor and internship coordinator, at [email protected] or
260-481-6313 for assistance in locating a sponsor. Internship opportunities are available in many professional areas, including law, corrections, probation, community services, government, and private business.

You may begin an internship anytime during the calendar year to best fit into your personal and academic schedules.

Thirty hours of supervised work is equal to 1 hour of undergraduate or graduate academic credit. CRIM 48000 Internship in Criminal Justice may count for 1 to 6 credit hours in any given semester. The department administrative assistant will help you enroll in the appropriate course.

All internships are pass/no pass. These credit hours do not impact your GPA. 

Student Organizations


2022 Alpha Phi Sigma Inductees
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The honor society for criminal justice majors.

Join Alpha Phi Sigma, the national Criminal Justice Honor Society, to put yourself on the fast track for career success and establish lifelong professional and social networks.
Learn More

Criminal Justice Association

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Share your passion.

Learn about the criminal justice system on the federal, state, and local level. This includes law enforcement, courts, and corrections areas of the criminal justice system.
Join Today


Conference for the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

Students who are members of Alpha Phi Sigma, the national criminal justice honor society, have an opportunity to attend the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences annual conferences.

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Study Abroad

Let the world be your classroom.

Your college experience is special—and uniquely yours. Imagine enhancing it by taking your studies overseas. Living and learning in a different country will foster both your independence and your personal development. Through this experience, and the knowledge you’ll gain living like a local, you’ll emerge with a new perspective.