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Financial Aid


Finding scholarships with ease. 

We’re excited to introduce ScholarshipUniverse, a tool that makes finding and applying for Purdue scholarships and external scholarships easier. External private scholarships are available and updated daily. Institutional scholarships will be published throughout the year. It is recommended to visit the site at least once a month to view your current matches and learn what financial opportunities are available for you.

ScholarshipUniverse is a matching system that maximizes scholarship opportunities for students. It allows you to create an academic profile that enables you to connect with various internal and external scholarship opportunities. Updating your student profile criteria regularly will help you see all external scholarships you qualify for. ScholarshipUniverse will also match you to university scholarships and departmental scholarships.

You’ll answer questions that help match you to your eligible scholarship opportunities. You can easily apply online to multiple scholarship opportunities through your own personalized portal. These applications can be tracked in the same portal, and you can receive alerts about new scholarship opportunities too.

If you’re a current Purdue Fort Wayne student, visit and enter your career account credentials. Find detailed ScholarshipUniverse navigation instructions here

Note: ScholarshipUniverse is only compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge web browsers.

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What to do when

Thanking your donors.

Congratulations on receiving a scholarship made possible through the generous support of alumni and friends of Purdue Fort Wayne. It is important to acknowledge those contributions which help ease the financial burden of attending college for so many of our students.

Next Steps

Craft a thank-you letter.

Thanking the donor who generously donated your scholarship is a sincere and courteous gesture. The donor will also see how their gift to you and Purdue Fort Wayne is being utilized and benefiting our many talented and deserving students scholars.


Thank-You letter Tips

What to write.

If you received more than one scholarship, you are expected to write a thank-you letter for each scholarship you received. Letters should be addressed to donors. The following tips and sample letter will guide you through writing a proper donor thank you letter.

Please send your thank-you note to Office of Development at [email protected]. You can also contact them with any questions you may have about the scholarship.

Following these tips will show the donor that you truly care about their generous donation, which will help make your college education a reality.

  • No spelling errors
  • No grammar errors
  • Write an appropriate salutation
  • Identify the scholarship you received
  • Include the following in your letter: classification, major/minor, hometown, Purdue Fort Wayne activities, high school activities for incoming freshman, special interest, future plans, family history and most importantly, and what the scholarship means to you personally
  • Sign the thank-you letter

Sample Thank You Letter

Dear (List Donor’s Name),

The first paragraph should state why you are sending the letter. You should make sure to include the scholarship name, and explain why you appreciate their donation.

Example: As a recipient of the (Scholarship Name) I wanted to thank you for helping make my college education a reality. Your generous donation will help me to accomplish my goals of obtaining a degree at Purdue Fort Wayne (PFW). These funds have given me the ability to focus on my coursework for this school year with less concern about finances.

The second paragraph is a chance for you to introduce yourself and let the donor know what your interest and hobbies are. The donor wants to get to know who their donation is going to support. Tell them about why you chose to attend Purdue Fort Wayne, your background and what your future goals are.

Example: I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in Northwest Indiana where my family works in the restaurant industry. I always noticed how rewarding it felt to provide people with good quality service. This led me to want a career in Business Management. At a young age PFW was always the top choice for me. I knew that PFW would allow me to stay close to my family and receive a highly recognized education. PFW has a highly ranked Business program so I knew this was the place for me. I am currently involved in the Accounting Society and the Student Government Association.

The third paragraph should close the letter and give you a chance to thank the donor one last time.

Example: Once again, I want to thank you for your scholarship donation. I understand that without people who are generous and caring, like you, a college education would not be possible for students like me. Knowing that someone else cares about my education motivates me to strive extra hard for excellence. I have been truly touched by your generosity and hope to one day give back just as you have. Again I would like to thank you.


Frequently Asked Questions

The answers you need.

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about ScholarshipUniverse.

Current and admitted students can visit and enter their career account credentials.

When setting up your profile, be sure to select Purdue University Fort Wayne as your school.

In the upper right hand corner of the Scholarships tab, click on filter and select “School Scholarships First.” If no scholarships appear, it means you do not currently match to any.

Some colleges and departments do not utilize a separate application for scholarship consideration. Institutional scholarships will be published throughout the year. It is recommended to visit the site at least once a month to view your current matches and learn what financial opportunities are available for you.

Some of your account details cannot be edited because the information is loaded directly from your student profile with Purdue. This information is accurate and up-to-date.

Yes, as long as you do not submit the application, you can save it and finish it later. To finish later, you can find your “In Progress” applications in the Applications tab.

No, you may only submit an application once. Once the application is submitted, you cannot go back and edit it.

External Private Scholarship funds should be sent to the university using the External Private Donor Form.