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Home-school Transcripts

undergraduate Admissions

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Transcripts for admission.

To successfully be admitted as a homeschooled student, you must have followed the curriculum requirements of the Indiana Core 40 or Academic Honors Diploma. Some home-school transcripts may differ from those of traditional high school students. Regardless of the format, your transcript should contain the following:

  • Your name, address, phone number, and date of birth
  • Comprehensive listing of all courses taken, including those that are currently in progress, along with the corresponding academic year and semester in which each course was completed
  • Evaluation of performance, including letter grades and an explanation of the grading scale used to determine grades
  • Date of graduation or expected graduation (a final high school transcript, with graduation date, will be required once all course work is completed)
  • Signature of the home-school administrator/teacher, including title, verifying records are accurate

In certain cases, you may be required to provide additional information about your curriculum, such as detailed course descriptions and the textbooks utilized. If you have completed courses simultaneously at a high school or college, please request official transcript(s) from the respective institution(s).

Please note, handwritten transcripts are not accepted.