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You have the power to change a Mastodon’s life. 

Studying abroad in England, Italy, China, and Japan. National competitions, conferences, and tours. Countless plays, recitals, and art exhibits. This is all possible because of people like you.

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It’s easy—and impactful. 

Make a donation through our secure online portal. Your generosity will fund exceptional educational opportunities.

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Plays, recitals, concerts, lectures, and art exhibits last year



Students put on makeup backstage at Williams theatre

A gift that matters

You can make a profound difference. 

Every painting that amazed you, every piece of music that moved you, every play or film that changed that way you saw life—it was all created or performed by a person who received the education to do so. At Purdue Fort Wayne, we educate those people. And we will continue to teach generations of artists, musicians, actors, and designers for a very long time to come.

Although Purdue Fort Wayne endeavors to keep its tuition low, going to college is, unfortunately, still too expensive for many of our students. That is why we are so grateful to you. And that is why your donation is important to us. You are a part of our success.

Indiana State Tax Credit

Get a tax credit for your gift. 

Indiana taxpayers may take a tax credit of half their gift to Purdue Fort Wayne. This credit is available even if the taxpayer does not itemize deductions on the federal return. The tax credit directly reduces the “bottom line” of the state income-tax return, either decreasing the amount owed or increasing the refund. 

For a joint return, the maximum credit is $200 (based on a gift of $400 or more); for a single return, the maximum credit is $100 (for a gift of $200 or more). Other rules apply, so read the CC-40 instructions carefully or consult your tax advisor. 

The CC-40 tax form is available at locations that stock other Indiana tax forms. Also, you may download the form from the Indiana Department of Revenue or call the university at 260-481-6962 to request that a CC-40 form be mailed to you.

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