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Information Analytics and Visualization

Understanding the influence of graphic effects on depth perception in 3d virtual environments


Stereoscopic 3D images provide depth perception advantages over 2.5D images, but there are known drawbacks that prevent observers from accurately measuring depth. This research examines various graphics effects that affect human depth perception accuracy in 3D computer generated stereoscopic environments. The outcome from this study will provide new insights for improving the depth perception accuracy when using stereoscopic 3D images in a variety of areas such as simulation, training, military applications, physical sciences, geography, and medicine and health care.


  • Dr. Britton Wolfe
  • Dr. Carol Lawton
  • Benjamin Aeschliman
  • Mark Thompson
  • Tristan Hartzell
  • Dr. Beomjin Kim


Related Publications:
  • Tristan Hartzell, Mark Thompson, Beomjin Kim, “The Influence of Graphics Effects on Perceiving Depth in Minimized Virtual Environments,” Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS), Springer-Verlag, Vol. 350, pp. 235-242, (2012).