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Disability access center

Your experience matters.

Whether you need additional time for tests, accessible technology, or a housing accommodation, connect with the Disability Access Center to establish reasonable accommodations during your Purdue Fort Wayne experience. We also help facilitate scholarships for students with disabilities, as well as membership in the Delta Alpha Pi International Honors Society.

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AIM Student Portal

Everything you need in one place.

The Accessible Information Management (AIM) Student Portal allows you to access and manage your accommodations.

If you need to start the process of establishing accommodations at Purdue Fort Wayne, or are interested in learning more about accommodations at Purdue Fort Wayne, you will need to fill out an Accommodation Request Form.

If you currently have established accommodations, you can access your AIM student portal here

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Accommodation Request Form

Take the first step.

As a student, you are responsible for making the university aware of your disability status and any need for accommodations. To request accommodations complete the Accommodation Request Form. You may do this at any point during your Purdue Fort Wayne experience.

After filling out the Accommodation Request Form, you’ll meet with the Disability Access Center to review any additional documentation and discuss appropriate accommodations. We’ll determine whether you are eligible for reasonable accommodation and, if so, the nature of the reasonable accommodation. 

We do not test for, diagnose, or treat disabilities; therefore, we rely on third-party documentation when determining accommodations. We are responsible for the final determination of what constitutes a reasonable accommodation and will consult with the Purdue Office of Legal Counsel when needed. 

Upon approval for accommodations, we’ll provide you with a Course Accessibility Letter. This letter will detail appropriate accommodations that were discussed during the welcome meeting.

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Accommodated Testing Request

Get the testing support you need.

Taking an exam doesn’t have to be hard. If you need additional accommodations—extended time, assistive tech, large-print text, etc.—the Disability Access Center can help. 

Requests for accommodated exams must be submitted at least three business days before the scheduled exam date. You can schedule the exam via your AIM Student Portal under Alternative Testing.


Fort Wayne Street Rod Association Scholarship

Students with visual impairment, who are D/deaf or have low hearing, or a long-term physical disability as certified by the Purdue Fort Wayne Disability Access Center are eligible for this scholarship. Students must be pursuing a first undergraduate degree and be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours each semester they’re receiving the award.

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Sidney and Viola Hutner Scholarship

Students with a superior academic record are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Students must have demonstrated financial need; those with a disability will be given first consideration. Students who receive this scholarship who have maintained a 3.0 or higher GPA and continue to demonstrate financial need will have their scholarship renewed before any new scholarships are awarded. Our Office of Financial Aid can provide more information.

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March 1

Application Deadline for Both Scholarships

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Report accessibility concerns.

Purdue Fort Wayne is committed to equal access and to providing an environment in which individuals with disabilities can fully access programs, services, activities, and facilities at PFW. See a concern? Report it here

Disability Documentation Guidelines

Read the fine print.

Details—they come with pretty much everything. Review the guidelines for more information on documentation requirements at the Disability Access Center.

In order to provide reasonable accommodations, the Disability Access Center must first verify your status as a student with a disability. To do this, we rely on the student self-report to understand the impact and third-party documentation to verify the condition/diagnosis.

Students should complete the Purdue University Fort Wayne Accommodation Request Form, which provides an opportunity to describe their condition and barriers they may experience at the university. Students may supplement the Accommodation Request Form with additional information. Students may consider including information about their experiences related to their disability, the challenges or barriers encountered, and/or previous accommodations.

Disability-related documentation should provide information on the impact of the condition, in order to determine appropriate accommodations. Documentation may include assessments, reports, and/or letters from qualified evaluators, professionals, or institutions. Common sources of documentation may include healthcare providers, psychologists, diagnosticians, and/or information from K–12 (e.g., 504 plan or IEP). 

Recommended Third-Party Documentation Elements 

  • Typed on letterhead, dated, and completed by a qualified professional 
  • Identifies any disabilities or conditions
  • Describes the impact of symptoms of the identified condition(s) 
  • Relevant information regarding severity or prognosis 
  • Includes frequency and duration of active symptoms (if cyclical in nature) 
  • Lists any relevant side effects of medication and/or treatment 
  • Recommended accommodations

If you need to request an emotional support animal accommodation, please refer to the Request for Emotional Support Animal in University Housing downloadable document.

You may submit an Accommodation Request Form at any point during your college experience. Accommodations are not retroactive, so we encourage students to submit a request prior to needing access. Documentation may be uploaded with the Accommodation Request Form. It may also be emailed ([email protected]), faxed (260-481-6018), or hand-delivered to the Disability Access Center (Walb Union, Room 113). 

You may schedule a meeting with staff at any point during the process, regardless of any documentation they may currently have available. If you have any questions about these documentation guidelines, please contact the Disability Access Center.