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The Department of Mathematical Sciences enjoys an active Colloquium series. There are also departmental research seminars in Analysis and Discrete Mathematics. All our events are open to students and the public, and are free to attend unless otherwise indicated.

Fall 2018


The Department hosted the 60th Midwestern Graph Theory Conference (MIGHTY LX) on campus, Sept. 28-29.  This event immediately followed a related conference (IWOGL 2018) at Ball State University.

  • Friday afternoon welcome table in the Kettler faculty lounge
  • Saturday talks in the Science Building


  • Alessandro Selvitella, University of Ottawa, Machine Learning Methods Applied to the Medical Sciences, Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018 at noon in Kettler 218. PDF
  • Jiaying Weng, University of Kentucky, Analysis of Survey Data: Novel Strategy Via Dimension Reduction, Monday, Nov. 19, 2018 at noon in Kettler 220. PDF
  • Leila Setayeshgar, Providence College, Bayes' Rule and the Law, Nov. 15. PDF
  • Ramón Orive, Universidad de La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain): Probability, Interpolation, and Game Theory: Estimating the Parameter of a Biased Coin.  Nov. 14.  PDF (joint event with PI Math Club and PFW Actuarial Club
  • Peter Boyvalenkov, Second level universal bounds for energy and size of spherical codes: the Levenshtein framework lifted.  Oct. 24.  PDF

Archive of Past Seminars and Events

Information on Department of Mathematical Sciences Seminars, Workshops, and Events from Spring 2018 and before are archived at these sites: