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College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty & Staff

  • Safwan H. Akkari, Ph.D.; matroid theory, graph theory.
  • Deana Alexander, M.S.; online teaching, applied mathematics.
  • Jeff Anderson, Ph.D.; partial differential equations, applied mathematics.
  • Lowell W. Beineke, Ph.D.; graph theory, combinatorics.
  • Betsy S. Berry, Ph.D.; mathematics education.
  • Bernd Buldt, Ph.D.; logic, philosophy of mathematics, history and foundations of science.
  • Chand K. Chauhan, Ph.D.; applied statistics, design of experiments.
  • Adam Coffman, Ph.D.; geometry, complex analysis, topology.
  • Dan Coroian, Ph.D.; numerical analysis, applied mathematics, mathematical modeling.
  • Shaoyu Dai, Ph.D.; visiting researcher in analysis.
  • Yihao Deng, Ph.D.; regression analysis, generalized linear models, time series analysis.
  • Peter Dragnev, Ph.D.; analysis, potential theory, approximation theory.
  • Joe Francis, FSA; actuarial science.
  • James Hersberger, Ph.D.; problem solving, mathematical giftedness, school mathematics curriculum.
  • John G. LaMaster, M.S.; teaching with technology, math anxiety reduction, school mathematics curriculum.
  • Alan Legg, Ph.D.; complex analysis.
  • Sue Mau, Ph.D.; teachers' and students' mathematical understanding, teachers' professional growth, learning styles vs. teaching styles.
  • Drake Olejniczak, Ph.D.; graph theory, discrete mathematics.
  • John Osowski, M.S.; statistics.
  • Yifei Pan, Ph.D.; complex analysis, partial differential equations, complex analytic dynamics.
  • Jack Schroeder, Coordinator of Math and Science Tutoring, and Test Center Administrator.
  • Alessandro Selvitella, Ph.D.; data science, applied statistics.
  • Melissa Sutherland, M.S.; mathematics education.
  • Douglas W. Townsend, Ph.D.; approximation theory, statistics.
  • Robert Vandell, Ph.D.; graph theory, graph connectivity, secondary math education.
  • Cindy Vanderlaan, M.S.; precalculus curriculum development, teaching with technology.
  • Linda Wagner, M.S.; mathematics education and precalculus, especially graphical approaches to functions and problem-solving.
  • Matthew Walsh, Ph.D.; graph theory, combinatorial design, discrete math in the social sciences.
  • W. Douglas Weakley, Ph.D.; graph theory, algebra, covering codes, combinatorics.
  • Daniel Yorgov, Ph.D.; applied statistics, genomics, supercomputing.
  • Yuan Zhang, Ph.D.; several complex variables, CR geometry, partial differential equations.
  • Dianna L. Zook, M.S.; calculus and precalculus curriculum development, technology.
  • Yvonne M. Zubovic, Ph.D.; biostatistics, survival analysis.