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beyond the classroom

Doermer School of Business

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Take a break from your books.

Studying and taking tests is important, but so is going beyond the classroom to maximize your college experience. Check out the options you have to make the most of your time at Purdue Fort Wayne.


Gain valuable experience.

Gaining relevant work experience is highly recommended for business majors. In academic internships, you’ll earn wages at a rate that’s typically higher than most part-time jobs, but most importantly, you’ll gain valuable experience that builds a strong résumé. Students who participate in internships have a very high career-placement rate.

Up to 150 Passport to Success points are available.

Top 10 reasons to participate in an academic internship:

  1. Receive approved job description and involvement from department
  2. Earn credit toward free electives, and your internship is included on academic transcript
  3. Wages won’t count against your financial aid eligibility (FASFA)
  4. Receive Purdue University liability insurance
  5. Gain experience in your field with mentorship and real projects, clients, and employers
  6. Improve chances of gaining employment after graduation
  7. Explore careers and gain realistic expectations
  8. Support from university should there be any concerns or issues and celebrate your success
  9. Apply classroom theories to the work environment and gain insight to future class topics
  10. Grow your network and establish valuable references


Special Studies in International Business Administration
Each year, top Doermer students (chosen by GPA and application) are invited to participate in a fully funded special course, BUS 49001 Special Studies in International Business Administration. Students will work with a local company that is interested in breaking into the international market. Students will research the company and a country. They will travel to the country to do research for the local country and upon return make a presentation to the company.

Study or Intern Abroad
Other opportunities for studying and interning abroad are available through study abroad or international programs, including one-week, four-week, one-semester, or academic-year programs. Be sure to take courses that will transfer back and/or complete an internship abroad. 

With any of these options, you’ll earn 50–75 passport points, expand your network, and learn more about yourself and the world of business.


This program will allow you to spend time at another campus in the United States while still paying Purdue Fort Wayne tuition. We recommend that you chose another AACSB school for ease of transfer credit.


student organizations


Living Learning Community

Live with the business Herd.

This is where you can make your love of business an even bigger part of your life. This section of student housing puts together business majors for networking and entrepreneurship opportunities. It’s the perfect place to fuel your business passion and create lifelong connections that can create opportunities for your future.

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The Tools I Need
“I truly care about how the work I am doing today can help us improve our life tomorrow. A solid foundation in accounting and finance provides me with the tools I need for that goal.”
Trang Dao, B.S., B.S.B. ’21
Female business student portrait in the studio