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Make your event a success.

You put a lot of effort into your event, so why not promote it? Create a buzz and gather a crowd with campus advertising. And don’t forget to request the popcorn machine!

Students hold up their snacks of popcorn at a SAB event.
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Get the word out.

Go viral with your events and information by sharing your posts on our official social media channels. 

Share Now

Every Monday we bring you the latest news and events on campus though a weekly potty publication available in your favorite restroom stall.

Get Published

Advertise your events and information on various TV screens on campus. Digital signage will be advertised on screens for two weeks.

Get Started

Share your events and information by coloring the sidewalks with your messages with the community walking through campus.

Chalk the Walk

You can post flyers in various locations around campus. These can remain for up to two weeks or until the date of your event, whichever comes first.

Locations for Campus Groups
Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science Building: Rooms 221N, 224, and 307; first-floor lobby kiosk; and the board next to Bon Bon’s
Gates Center: kiosk by the concession stand and the fitness center desk
Helmke Library: kiosks on first and second floor
Kettler Hall: Rooms G23 and 125; kiosk in first-floor lobby near the executive offices; and stairwells by doors 6, 7, and 10
Liberal Arts Building: Rooms 199J, 199A, and 311 and stairwells
Music Center: first floor (near restrooms)
Neff Hall: near Rooms B050A, B050S, B050J, 113, 189A, and 189B and entrances by doors 1 and 7 
Parking Garage 1: first-floor entrance
Parking Garage 2: second-floor entrance
Science Building: near Rooms G015, G069, GH03, GH02, 1E01, and 1H04
Visual Arts Building: Room 207 and stairwell next to the art gallery
Walb Union: near Rooms G025, 111, 199J, 199G, 210, and 227 and kiosk by P2 entrance
Williams Theatre: near Room 116

Locations for Community
Music Center: first floor (near restrooms)
Neff Hall: near room G88
Parking Garage 1: first-floor entrance
Parking Garage 2: first-floor entrance
Visual Arts Building: Room 207
Walb Union: Rooms 111 and 223

Campus and community groups must have posters approved by Student Leadership.

Student housing can post up to 100 flyers on bulletin boards in various locations. Please confirm approval from Student Leadership. Visit Walb Union, Room 210, or send your design to [email protected] before delivering your flyers to student housing.

You or your group can add events to the university Events Calendar. Student organizations need to post their events in Community, and other events should go on the university calendar. Contact Student Leadership to find a calendar publisher.


Know the rules.

To provide campus groups the opportunity to promote events, posters and postings should be prepared, displayed, and removed in accordance with the posting policy. Doing so will reduce waste, restrict unauthorized publicity, and encourage safety and campus attractiveness.

  • Campus groups need no prior approval for posters or postings except as noted elsewhere in this policy.
  • Outside groups must have their posters approved by Student Life prior to posting in designated locations.
  • Commercial advertising and solicitation (such as for taverns, alcohol, weapons, trips, cars, and magazines) are not allowed.
  • Purdue Fort Wayne will consider exceptions for educationally beneficial products (such as computers) offered at a significant discount to Purdue Fort Wayne students (but not to the general public).
  • Postings that violate the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct are not permitted.
  • No activities prohibited by university regulations or local, state, or federal laws may be publicized.
  • Postings of regular class meetings, course offerings, and office hours are not permitted.
  • Placing flyers on car windshields is prohibited on Purdue Fort Wayne property.

  • Posters or postings larger than 11 by 17 inches, including freestanding items such as pull-up banners and easels, must be approved by Student Life.
  • A maximum of one posting per event, per campus group, per bulletin board (approximately 60 posters on campus and 100 posters in student housing) is permitted.
  • Posters may be displayed for up to two weeks (unless approved for longer display, based on available space, by Student Life) or until the publicized information becomes obsolete, whichever comes first.
  • All posters must include the name and contact information of the sponsoring group(s); the time, date, and location of event; and the date of the posting range, starting with “DOP” in a lower corner of the poster.
  • Parking garage banners and signs larger than sandwich boards must be approved by Student Life. Once approved, Student Life will reserve space for the banner or sign through the special events office. Student Life will then coordinate with the physical plant for installation and removal of the banners/signs.
  • Posting on glass surfaces is strictly prohibited.

Posting is approved in the following locations only and is prohibited in areas not listed:

  • Office doors, with the permission of the occupant
  • Tack strips in stairwell landings, if available (campus groups only)
  • Kiosks and bulletin boards (unless designated for the exclusive use of a Purdue Fort Wayne unit)
  • Sidewalks (Campus groups may write messages in chalk on horizontal sidewalk surfaces for special purposes, such as student elections, with prior approval from Student Life. For safety reasons, posters and messages should not be within 20 feet of a doorway. Sidewalk chalk may not be used under awnings or similar overhangs.)
  • Acrylic six-sided table tents
  • Toilet Times

Contact Student Housing for approved housing locations.

Note: Day-of-event directional signage such as sandwich boards, yard signs, and sign boards shall be directional in nature and shall be removed at the conclusion of event. All banners and self-supporting signs and their location indoors and outdoors must be approved in advance by Student Life in accordance with guidelines established by Student Life and the physical plant.

  • For cork bulletin boards and tack strips, use tacks or stick pins only.
  • For self-supporting signs, use materials recommended by Student Life.
  • For sidewalks, only use outdoor chalk.
  • Self-adhesive stickers or decals may not be used anywhere.
  • Use of any tape or staples to hang signs is prohibited.

Any exceptions to the advertising guidelines must be approved in writing. Emergency or closing notices approved by the chancellor are exempt from this policy. Use of library space for easels, displays, or postings requires the approval of the library director.


Enhance your event.

There is no charge to rent any of the available equipment or machines, but your student organization or department will need to cover the cost of food and/or supplies used. Student organizations and departments can pay these fees via account-funds transfer.

Reserve Equipment

Free rentable equipment from student life includes the following:

  • Backdrops
  • Beverage tankers
  • Board and card games
  • Coffee urn
  • Cotton candy machine
  • Hot plates
  • Lawn games
  • Light-up letters (spell out #DonLife or #PurdueFW)
  • Party lights
  • Popcorn machine
  • Mirrors
  • Nacho cheese warmer
  • Roasting pans
  • Snow cone maker
  • Tables
  • Tablecloths and table covers
  • Table decorations
  • Vases

See our rental guide for a full list of items.

Note: Machines cannot be taken off campus.

  • 1 bag of popcorn and cooking oil, 10 serving bags: $3
  • 1 can of nacho cheese, 50 serving boats: $15
  • 1.5-pound bag of tortilla chips: $6
  • 0.5 gallon of cotton candy floss, 50 serving cones: $10 (Choose from blue raspberry, bubble gum, cherry, and strawberry.)
  • 1 gallon of snow cones, 50 paper cones: $10 (Choose from blue raspberry, bubble gum, cherry, cotton candy, and grape.)
  • Button-maker supplies for 50 buttons (1 inch or 2.25 inch): $12