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Tom Nichols

“Defending Experts in an Anti-Factual Age”


A professor at the Naval War College and at the Harvard Extension School, Tom Nichols possesses deep expertise on Russia and the role that warfare plays in international affairs. He has spent much of his life becoming an expert on international security affairs, and now finds himself defending experts—much like himself—and warning how aggressively rejecting expertise endangers our republic. 

In 2017, Nichols released his fourth book, The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters, in which he argues that too many people have embraced the idea that experts should have no more standing in government or society than they themselves do.

Nichols is also a contributing writer at The Atlantic and for the USA Today Board of Contributors, in addition to being a five-time undefeated Jeopardy! champion who played in both the 1994 Tournament of Champions and the 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions.

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Photo of international affairs expert Tom Nichols