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Jeff Corwin

“Tales from the Field with Jeff Corwin”


Jeff Corwin’s one-of-a kind perspective on wildlife conservation empowers audiences to join the movement to save our natural world for future generations.

As the host of the Emmy Award–winning ABC wildlife adventure series Ocean Mysteries, Corwin has educated and entertained audiences with his knowledge and deep sense of caring about the natural world.

Corwin has hosted Animal Planet’s The Jeff Corwin Experience and Corwin’s Quest, as well as a variety of popular television series on Disney Channel, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, and Food Network. He is one of the world’s leading environmental journalists and has worked on CNN’s critically acclaimed Planet in Peril, with Anderson Cooper, and served as a special science and environmental correspondent for NBC News.

Corwin draws on his world travels to enlighten with insights on the current state of environmental-conservation efforts, emphasizing that the key to our own survival is the preservation of the world’s creatures and ecosystems.

He takes audiences on a global tour to witness firsthand the condition of the natural world, sharing a message of hope and humanity. He encourages everyone to play an active and positive role in saving the earth’s most threatened animals and natural resources.

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Jeff Corwin on stage with a cub.