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Daymond Jogn

“5 Shark Points of Success”


Daymond John, costar of (and an investor in) ABC’s Emmy Award–winning show Shark Tank, is the consummate 21st-century Renaissance businessman.

At a young age, he created FUBU, one of the most iconic urban fashion brands in the world. In 2015, President Barack Obama selected him as a Presidential Entrepreneurship Ambassador.

Through his consulting company, Shark Branding, he is one of the top branding and marketing experts in the country. Global organizations and Fortune 500 companies seek his insights and expertise. John is also the best-selling author of four acclaimed books—the most recent, Rise and Grind, released in January 2018.

With an inspiring story that is the very essence of the American dream, John outlines the success strategies that took him to the top of the business world. He reveals hard-won, real-world lessons on leadership, innovation, and overcoming obstacles in life and business.

Drawing on his phenomenal journey from humble beginnings to becoming the face of American entrepreneurship, John offers audiences invaluable tools for creating a vision, making it big, and achieving personal and professional goals.

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Daymond John