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Help others shoulder the stress of dealing with loved one's decline

A caregiver assists an individual with activities of daily living. This person can be paid or unpaid and often has very little to no professional training.

Caregivers are vital to someone who has had a stroke, injury, surgery or chronic illness such as Alzheimer’s dementia. The caregiver can assist with daily activities such as overseeing medications, finances, and transportation to and from appointments. Some serve as a 24/7 monitor for all activities.

Caregivers are subject to experiencing caregiver burnout or caregiver fatigue which, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, is a state of emotional exhaustion that results from failing, wearing out or feeling drained as a result of the many demands on one’s energy, strength or resources.

Read a guest column by Jess Shaw, pathology graduate student at Purdue Fort Wayne, in The Journal Gazette. (subscription required)