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Supporting active engagement.

NISTEM was established in partnership with a cadre of regional stakeholders to support and encourage active engagement in science, technology, engineering, and math-related activities and educational pursuits. Established in 2007, the NISTEM Center was developed in conjunction with the completion of a proposal submitted to a statewide BioCrossroads STEAM initiative by individuals within Purdue University Fort Wayne and Science Central. Financial support was provided, in part, with a grant received from the National Center for Outreach, which was submitted by local television station WFWA PBS39, in partnership with PFW, and supported by the Fort Wayne Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

In partnership with a regional stakeholder base, NISTEM works to incorporate and support the diverse needs of the region's education systems, informal education centers, and the business community. The NISTEM Center is an ever-evolving nucleus that promises to continue to highlight, unify, support, and increase community involvement in STEAM-related activities for the children and adults in our region, as well as recruit others to participate in the magnificent events regularly hosted in northeast Indiana. 

STEM Initiative

The I-STEM Resource Network is a partnership of Indiana’s public and private higher education institutions, K–12 schools, businesses, and government. It supports K–12 teachers and leaders working to implement high academic standards toward STEM literacy for all students. It also provides Indiana education leaders with new knowledge about teaching and learning.

I-STEM Vision

Our vision is for Indiana to be a national leader in student academic achievement in STEM disciplines and in the quality of its workforce.

I-STEM Mission

To achieve a level of proficiency in K–12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that affords all Indiana students the necessary knowledge and skills to be STEM literate, be prepared for postsecondary education, have successful careers, and advance the economy of the state.

NISTEM Outreach

The NISTEM Express program allows educators of grades K–12 to introduce their students to equipment and procedures that are used in higher education and STEM industries through hands-on labs and demonstrations.

Equipment available includes Spec 20’s, pH meters, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, water-testing kits, electrophoresis, and nuclear scalars. Labs range from demystifying equipment and procedures to advanced exploration of specific topics and processes.

Educators can borrow equipment for two weeks or schedule a lab to be administered by a trained instructor.

Type of Program Time Cost
Equipment Loan 2 Weeks $150
Administered Lab 1 Class Period $175
Administered Lab and Equipment 1 Class Period and 2 Weeks $250

NISTEM also has STEM Resource Kits available for lending. A complete list is available at Science Central.

NISTEM Express is here to help educators increase their students’ familiarity with processes and concepts common to higher education and STEM industries.

To schedule a delivery or lab, contact us at 260-424-2400, ext. 417.