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The Tempest

Director Jeff Casazza is looking for campus and community actors to audition for this magical Shakespearean Romance. Considered Shakespeare’s final play and possibly his farewell to the theatre, The Tempest is a fantastical exploration of love, revenge, forgiveness … and nostalgia taking place on a magical island filled with spirits. The director is looking for a large mix of adults who can play ages 15-60.

When: Monday, November 20, 2023

Where: Williams Theatre

Time: 6:30 p.m. – callbacks and reading from the script will be on Tuesday, November 21.

Rehearsals Begin: November 27 (tentative rehearsal schedule available at auditions)
• M-F from 7:00 – 10:00 pm and Sundays TBA
• Tech is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 10 from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm with a lunch/dinner break.

Performance Dates: February 16, 17, 22, 23, 24 at 8:00 pm and February 18 at 2:00 pm.
• Please Note that there are daytime school matinees that begin at 10:00 am tentatively scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday (February 20 and 21).


Please Sign up In advance for an audition time

Bring completed form to your audition 


What to Prepare:

• 1-minute monologue from any Shakespeare Play suited to the character you would most like to play—Monologues from The Tempest are encouraged.

• 1-minute movement motif with or without music you provide.
   o Create a movement piece using one of the prompts as a starting point:
     ▪ A Magical Forest
     ▪ The Isle is Full of Noises
     ▪ Do you love me?
     ▪ A Dangerous and terrifying Harpy.
     ▪ The Soul of the Soul-less.
   o If you use recorded music, I will have a speaker with an auxiliary cord but feel free to bring your own speaker if you prefer.
   o Feel free to use instruments you know how to play!
   o You could create a solo piece or possibly with 2-3 others.
     ▪ If a duet or trio, please sign up for consecutive timeslots when you arrive.

• At least Ariel, Stephano, and Caliban sing during the show. If you are interested in any of these roles, please prepare a brief song of no more than 30 seconds.
   o Ariel—prepare a lullaby (acapella or perhaps accompany yourself with a guitar or ukulele).
   o Stephano—prepare a bawdy pub song or sea shanty (acapella is fine!)
   o Caliban—prepare a raucously free celebration of life (acapella is fine!)

CALLBACKS: November 21 at 6:30 in the Williams Theatre
• Callbacks on Tuesday will likely include an ensemble created physical theatre project.
• If readings from the script are necessary, they will be completed on Tuesday and/or Wednesday.

Wear clothes that you can move in and possibly reminiscent of the character you would most like to play.
Bring all possible scheduling conflicts with you to the audition.
Questions? Contact the director at 260-481-6977 or [email protected]

Roles Available:

All roles could be played by any gender identity.
   • Ferdinand and Caliban will likely be male identifying.
   • Miranda will likely be female identifying.

PROSPERO (35 – 70)
   • The rightful duke of Milan and ruler of the magical island.
   • A sorcerer more interested in books than the law.
   • Loving father to Miranda and potentially harsh ruler over Ariel and Caliban.
   • Mercurial, passionate, wise, powerful.

MIRANDA—(15-ish) Prospero’s innocent, passionate, daughter

ANTONIO—(33) Prospero’s brother and usurping Duke of Milan. Conniving, strong, vibrant.

ALONSO—(35-70) King of Naples and assisted Antonio in getting rid of Prospero.

SEBASTIAN—(32) Alonso’s brother. Equally conniving as Antonio, but more of a toady and not so bright.

FERDINAND—(17-ish) Alonso’s innocent and passionate son and heir to the throne.

   • An honest, “old,” and befuddled counsellor – first to Prospero and now to Alonso.
   • A kind of Polonius-like clown—He talks a lot of nothing.

ARIEL—(ageless and genderless) an airy spirit capable of changing form. Mercurial.

CALIBAN—(20-30) Rightful heir to the island. The Id—Passionate, Monstrous, Lively, Deformed?

TRINCULO—(20-50) Alonso’s Jester – an emotional, scaredy cat of a clown.

STEPHANO—(25-55) Alonso’s Drunken Butler. A bawdy and gruff clown.

BOATSWAIN—(20-25) Officer and “manager” of the crew. Strong, Officious, Harsh.

SPIRITS—(ageless) Approximately 7-10 actors who will create the magic and other elements in the play, including the mariners. The Boatswain will be a spirit as well except at the beginning and end of the play.

THE SOUL OF THE ISLAND—The musician for the production – already cast.