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Well-being and Recreation

Fitness Center Policies


Purdue University and Indiana University Fort Wayne faculty, staff, retirees, student spouses, other college students, alumni, and community memberships can be purchased online at and the Fitness Center Front Desk.  

Refunds for Fitness Center membership purchases will be prorated and decided on a case-by-case basis. There is no refund after midway of session.*For more information call 260-481-6655.

All individuals (under 16) must be supervised by an adult while they are in the building.  No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the strength and cardio-conditioning rooms or use any exercise equipment.  No product solicitation or unauthorized personal training is allowed.

I.D.s: Patrons must have a VALID Mastodon I.D. card every time they use the Fitness Center.  Leave your I.D. card at the Fitness Center Front Desk while you use the facility and remember to pick it up when you leave.

Everyone must have and show proper I.D. to use the facility. Students and Employees can use their official university. ID card or their #900. Community members must use their official university I.D. card

I.D.s are validated at the Walb Union Campus Credentials and Transportation Desk. Keep your Mastodon I.D. card safe, there is a $20 replacement fee. For information call 481-6611 or e-mail [email protected]

GUESTS:  Athletics Center fitness members may bring a guest. The guest fee is $5.00 per individual per day.  The fitness member must accompany the guest(s) and is responsible for the guest abiding by the facility's rules.

ENTRANCE/EXIT:  Enter and exit the Fitness Center through the east and west hallway doors and doors by the customer service check-in desks.  DO NOT enter/exit the Fitness Center fitness areas through any other door.  

Allowing anyone into the facility through means other than presenting their official university I.D. card, or other authorized and recognized card, is deemed "unauthorized entry" and actionable through PFW's Student Code of Conduct (Part II B.6) We will follow the disciplinary process described in Part III.B of the Student Code for both students and community members.

CLOSING PROCEDURES: Everyone must be out of the building at closing. Please allow yourself adequate time to finish up and gather your things before closing time. No one is allowed to stay after closing. 

WORKING OUT:  No food is allowed in the Fitness Center. All drinks must be kept in a sealed bottle. Please inform all staff of any spills. No Chalk is allowed in the Fitness Center. Use headphones while listening to personal music, no Bluetooth or personal speakers allowed. Offensive or profane language is prohibited. No one is allowed to videotape in the Fitness Center without staff and the person(s) being taped granting permission. Re-rack your weights and return all accessories to their proper locations. Wipe down equipment before and after every use, cleaning stations are located throughout the Fitness Center. 

Be patient while waiting for a machine and ask to "work in". Allow others to "work in." Do not sit on the machines aimlessly. Please do not use cell phones while resting on machines. Only Fitness Center staff is allowed to move machines. Equipment should not be removed from spaces to be used in other spaces. Abuse or misuse of equipment will not be tolerated. Abuse/ misuse of equipment is prohibited. Equipment that is repeatedly broken will not be fixed or replaced. Please inform staff of any broken or damaged equipment. Ask staff if you do not know how to use the equipment. Be respectful of Fitness Center staff as well as other members working out. 

ATTIRE: Footwear must be athletic, soft-soled, and non-marking.  Shoes must have a heel or heel strap. Socks and back-less shoes are prohibited. Make sure shoes are free of debris before entering the facility. Tops and bottoms are required in all areas. Clean, appropriate athletic attire must cover the breast and buttocks. Attire that could cause damage to equipment is prohibited. The Fitness Center Staff will determine if there is a question regarding footwear or workout apparel. 

LOCKER ROOMS/LOCKS:  There are general locker rooms for men and women; and locker rooms for faculty and staff located on the lower level. You are welcome to bring a lock and keep it in a locker for the duration of your workout. All locks left on lockers will be cut off and the contents will be kept at the Fitness Center Front Desk.  Unclaimed items will be discarded after 30 days.              

SAFETY/CONDUCT:  When working out in the weight room we require that you use collars on the Barbell during any lifting exercise. Patrons should pick up weight plates, dumbbells, mats, and pads and return them to racks or proper storage areas after use. Fitness Center employees are there to assist you if you cannot find a capable spotter. 

Please do not argue/debate safety points with the staff; these rules are in place for your safety and for those around you. Be cooperative and considerate with other patrons when it comes to using the workout areas.

Fitness Center personnel reserve the right to revoke user privileges if individuals exhibit inappropriate behaviors.

For safety concerns and injuries contact the Fitness Center Front Desk immediately or dial 481-6827 for Police and Safety. For medical emergencies dial 911. All Fitness Center staff are CPR and AED certified. 

SPECIAL EVENTS AND CLOSINGS:   We are a multi-purpose facility, throughout the year some special events and functions may require some or all of the Athletics Center to close. This includes but is not limited to the track and locker rooms. Check the master schedule at the Fitness Center Front Desk for updates. 

ALCOHOL, SMOKING, AND TOBACCO USE:   Campus policy prohibits indoor smoking, vaping, and the use of chewing tobacco in all buildings and grounds.  Purdue University Fort Wayne regulations also prohibit the possession, consumption, distribution, or sale of alcoholic beverages on campus.

LOST AND FOUND:  Lost and found items may be found at the front desk.