Division of Enrollment Management and the Student Experience

Petition for Hearing

Academic Probation Standing or Academic Dismissal

Students wishing to appeal an academic probation standing or academic dismissal should contact the academic department of their major for guidance in their appeal process.

Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment

Students having complaints concerning alleged violations of the Anti-Harassment Policy should use the Purdue University Procedures for Resolving Complaints of Discrimination and Harassment through Institutional Equity.

Petition for Hearing before the Campus Appeals Board

Students wishing to petition for hearing before the campus appeals board may do so if all remedies outlined in the Code Part III.A.VII Student Complaint Procedures have been exhausted.

The Campus Appeals Board (CAB) may hear only the following types of appeals from students:

  • Appeal of academic misconduct finding imposed by faculty members, department chairs, academic deans, or division directors
  • Appeal of faculty/staff decision claimed to violate student rights recognized in Part I of the Code
  • Appeal of Student Government Association Judicial Court ruling

This form may not be used to appeal personal misconduct findings imposed by the Office of the Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.  Please refer to your conduct outcome letter or contact the office for guidance.

Appeals may only be requested for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Failure to follow an established policy or procedure
  • The assigned sanction is unduly harsh or arbitrary
  • New information has become available since the conclusion of the process
  • Bias has been exhibited through the process

The purpose of an appeal shall not be simply to hold a rehearing of the original matter.

To petition for hearing before the campus appeals board students must complete the online form:

Petition for Hearing Form