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BoilerKey = Two-factor Authentication

You've might already be using this with your bank, Google, Amazon, Apple, and other accounts.  You log in with a username and password, and then use your smartphone (usually via a generated code) to complete the login process.  This makes it a lot harder to gain unauthorized access to your stuff, because it requires both something you know (a PIN or password) and something in your possession (your phone).

Why is this happening?

Phishing and other social engineering scams work because the bad guys are getting more clever at tricking us into providing our passwords.  We all receive a lot of email, and often don't have time to read them carefully before clicking on links.  Using just a password is no longer enough to keep your identity and data secure.

How does it work?

When logging into Success Factors, you’ll replace your career account password with "PIN,push" and then confirm your identity on your smartphone. You will also be able to generate a 6-digit code instead of "push" if your smartphone is unable to connect to the internet or if you are using a physical token.

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