Office of Graduate Studies

Admission Requirements

Continue Your Education

Admission to Purdue Fort Wayne graduate programs requires applicants to have:

  • Earned baccalaureate degrees from colleges or universities of recognized standing;
  • Completed studies equivalent to those required of Purdue University baccalaureate recipients;
  • Earned a B or better average in their undergraduate major

Conditional admission may be available for applicants who do not meet the above criteria. In addition to the requirements above, some programs may have additional requirements and evidence of academic performance.

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Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

It is recommended that applicants sit for the GRE if:

  • Admission to the program requires it;
  • Consideration for fellowship opportunities is of interest;
  • Academic record does not adequately reflect applicant's abilities;
  • Baccalaureate degree was earned at a non-accredited institution;
  • The GRE Aptitude Test is being used as a means to document proficiency in English

Purdue Fort Wayne's code for the GRE Application is 1336

Program Specific Requirements

Academic requirements for admission vary based upon the program of interest. Visit the school, division, or department's website for specific requirements, such as minimum GPA or GRE scores.