Financial Aid

Military Scholarships

Indiana National Guard Supplement Grant

The SSACI Indiana National Guard Supplemental Grant pays for up to 100% of certain tuition costs for eligible members of the Indiana Air and Army National Guard.

To be eligible, students must be certified by both SSACI and the Indiana National Gaurd.

This grant can only be used for fall and spring semesters and cannot be used for summer semesters.

Students must file a FAFSA every year by the March 10th deadline.

Grant Eligibility

  • Students must be certified by the Indiana National Guard.
  • Certification must be done for each semester of enrollment.
  • Students must be in active drilling status.
  • Students cannot have been AWOL at any time during the 12 months prior to enrollment in college.
  • Students must complete all the required Indiana National Guard paperwork and have all paperwork approved by the Indiana National Guard.
  • The student's name and other pertinent data as required by SSACI must be on an official list submitted to SSACI by the appropriate Air or Army education offices of the Indiana National Guard.

The Indiana National Guard reserves the right, in cooperation with SSACI, to revoke the grant at any time.

For any questions, or more information, please contact:

State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana

Phone: (317) 232-2350



National Guard Extension Scholarship

This is a limited scholarship that is available to former Guard members who left the Guard under honorable discharge conditions, used the NGSG in the past, and who served on active duty overseas since Sept. 10, 2001. 

Former Guardsmen who believe they might qualify for this program and want additional information should contact:

Indiana Army National Guard Education Services Office, JFHQ-IN-J1-ARP-ES,

Phone: (317) 964-7023