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Disability Access Center
A group of students take their exams at the testing center.

Testing Center

The Disability Access Center’s testing center is a resource for instructors when they are unable to provide testing accommodations in their learning environment. The center can provide proctoring of accommodated exams for in-person or online exams (if needed). Please note, if a student will need accommodated testing, they will share with you their Course Accessibility Letter (CAL), which will state the specific accommodations they need to have an equitable learning experience in your course.

The testing center is located in Walb Union, Room 113, and is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Students must request to take an accommodated exam with the testing center within our three-business-day window. We encourage students to submit accommodated exam requests once they receive their syllabi or information on when their exam will be, but they can make requests at any time throughout the semester through our website. Additionally, the center will be upholding the three-business-day window. Exceptions will be made only if an instructor states an exam or quiz had been scheduled within three business days. No other exceptions will be made. This window is in place to support faculty, and so the center’s staff can process the exam request and ensure that we have space and the exam for the student. If students do not schedule within that window, they may ask their instructor if they are able to use accommodations in their space. If not, they will need to take the exam without accommodations.

Utilizing the Testing Center

Note the following rules for the testing center:

  • Students must initiate the process to take an exam/quiz with the DAC, by submitting a Testing Request to the DAC.
  • The testing center will process the request and make sure that there is a seat available for that date and time.
  • IU instructors will receive an email notifying them an accommodated test request has been submitted.
  • PFW Instructors must submit a Testing Instruction Form via their AIM Instructor Portal, prior to a student being able to schedule an exam with the DAC. The Testing Instruction Form will outline how the DAC proctors your students’ exams in the DAC Testing Center.
  • Instructors will need to complete an Exam Transmittal Form and send the exam or quiz to the testing center via email or hand delivery (by appointment).
  • The testing center will facilitate the exam administration.
  • Once the exam is complete, the instructor will receive the completed exam back based on their return-method selection.

In order to honor social distancing and the PFW Ready guidelines, we have implemented the following changes:

  • Flexibility: To honor proper spacing, we have reduced seating capacity. Due to this, we are asking instructors to be flexible with us when trying to schedule students for exams.
  • Delivery methods: We are asking all instructors to provide their exams via the AIM instructor Portal or to email exams to as much as possible. Instructors can also hand deliver exams to the DAC.
  • Return methods: The default return method will be via the AIM Instructor Portal. We will also send the hard-copy exam back to the instructor through campus mail. Please allow two to three business days to receive the exam. We ask that if an instructor must pick up the hard copy of a completed exam, they must make an appointment with our staff. Instructors can make an appointment by contacting the center at or 260-481-6657.

Please note, if exams need to be audio-recorded or converted to braille, the instructor may submit the exam to the center at least five days prior to the exam date. If a student’s accommodation requires enlarged font, please enlarge the font of the exam before sending it to the center.