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The Q Center

Trainings Offered By the Q Center

The Q Center offers a variety of trainings and presentations for Purdue Fort Wayne and IUFW departments, classrooms, and student organizations. Click the tabs below to learn more!

**Please note:

  • Regular trainings must be requested at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Custom trainings must be requested no less than 30 days in advance.
  • Short Presentations (Under 30 Minutes)

    Short Presentations (Under 30 Minutes)

    Office & Services – 10-15 minutes 

    Learn about The Q Center, our mission, services, and what our office space has to offer for the students, staff, and faculty at Purdue University Fort Wayne.

    Inclusive Classroom 101 - 15-20 minutes

    Learn basic tips to make your classroom more inclusive for LGBTQ+ students and foster more open and supportive learning environments. This training is designed specifically for faculty and is intended only as an introduction to the topic.

    Pronouns 101 – 30 minutes  

    What are personal pronouns, how do we use them, why are they important, how can you ask someone’s pronouns and what are ways to share your own? 

  • Longer Presentations

    Longer Presentations

    Inclusive Language: Pronouns, Microaggressions, and Inclusive Language – 45 minutes-1 hour 

    Being inclusive in our language is a powerful tool to make others feel comfortable in our spaces. This workshop will cover the basics surrounding pronouns, microaggressions and being more intentional with our language, and also some tips and tricks to remove gendered language from your everyday speech.  

    Creating Inclusive Spaces – 1 hour 

    This training can be tailored to your group’s needs, but will briefly cover the awareness, knowledge, skills and action needed in order to cultivate a space that’s more inclusive to LGBTQ+ individuals.  

  • Custom Training

    Custom Training

    Under Construction - Check Back Soon!

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