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The Q Center

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Q Center events open to anyone?

    Q Center events are open to all students, faculty, and staff of Purdue University Fort Wayne and Indiana University Fort Wayne. If you are not a member of our campus community and are interested in attending an event, please contact us via email or phone.  

  • Where are you located? When is your office open?

    Our office is located on the second floor of the Walb Student Union, in suite 215 (look for the rainbow wall—you can't miss us). We are open every Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except federal holidays and official campus closures.

  • How can I get involved?

    There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the Q Center.

    Students who want to get involved can:

    Faculty, staff, and allies who want to get involved can:

  • Are there gender-neutral restrooms available on campus?

    Yes. Every academic building on campus has at least one gender neutral bathroom, with the exception of the William’s Theatre and Helmke Library. It’s important to note that our non-discrimination policy protects individuals based on their gender identity and gender expression. Therefore, all students, faculty, staff, and visitors to our campus may use whatever restroom that aligns with their identity or that they are most comfortable with.  

  • How do I change my name and gender marker on my university records?

    Students have two options for changing their name at Purdue University Fort Wayne. Those with names that have been legally changed can fill out this form and return it to the Enrollment Services desk. They will also need one of the following documents with your new name to complete the process: 

    • Driver’s license or state issued photo ID 
    • Marriage license 
    • Social Security card 
    • Permanent Resident card (Green card) 
    • Passport 
    • Divorce decree 
    • Court order 

    Students who do not have a legal name change may change their first name using the preferred name change form. You do not need to provide documentation. The university has the right to revoke or deny a preferred name request if it contains inappropriate or offensive language, avoidance of legal obligation, or is being used for misrepresentation. Please allow 24–48 hours for the request to be processed. You may change your preferred name only once per semester. You may update only your first name with a preferred name. You may not update your last name.

    Currently, there is no process for changing the gender marker on school records at Purdue Fort Wayne. 

    For full information on amending your student record, click here.

  • Do I have a right to change my name legally? How do I change my name?

    Yes. A legal name change is often the first step in a person’s legal transition, a concrete signpost that they are beginning to live in accordance with their gender identity. It can be important to have accurate IDs to reflect who you are in the world.   

    To change your name in the state of Indiana, you must file a name change petition with your local county circuit court, post notice of your name change in a local newspaper for at least three weeks, and attend a hearing to confirm your name change.

    For forms and information on the process, click here.

  • How do I change the gender marker on my driver’s license or state ID in Indiana?

    In Indiana, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) needs one of the following:  

    • A birth certificate showing a change of gender OR  
    • A form signed by a physician certifying that the applicant successfully underwent all treatment necessary to permanently change gender OR  
    • A physician’s signed and dated statement, on letterhead, that includes the language from 140 IAC 7-1.1-3 “<insert customer’s name> successfully underwent all treatment necessary to permanently change <insert customer’s name> gender from <insert prior gender> to <insert new gender>.”  

    Indiana’s BMV now has a third gender option “X” for non-binary individuals. These persons still need to have one of the documents listed above.

    For more information on the process, click here.

  • How do I change the gender marker on my birth certificate in Indiana?

    Indiana has a general statute providing for the change of information on birth certificates. The Vital Statistics Division will issue an amended birth certificate upon showing of a court order. To apply for an amended birth certificate the applicant should submit:   

    • A certified court order from any valid court in the U.S. (the court order must have the person’s name, date and place of birth, and must say to change the original gender of the person on the birth certificate)  
    • An application for a birth certificate   
    • A copy of a photo ID with current mailing address  
    • A check or money order with applicable fees ISDH 

    For more information on the process, click here.

  • My professor has dead-named/misgendered me in class. What should I do?

    Dealing with dead-naming or misgendering in the classroom can be difficult. Make sure you have let your professor know the situation during office hours or before/after class. You may also want to have a discussion via email to have documentation for future reference, if needed. If the issue continues, you may fill out a formal complaint of discrimination and/or harassment through the Office of Institutional Equity or the Dean of Students Office 

  • How do I report a bias incident?

    In cases of harassment, or situations in which a student feels that another member of the Purdue Fort Wayne community (staff, faculty, or student) has violated their rights under Purdue’s anti-harassment, non-discrimination, and equal opportunity policies, a student can file a report, contact the Dean of Students, or reach out to the Office of Institutional Equity.    

    The form will require information about you, information about the person(s) you are complaining about, and information about the incident, along with any supporting documentation that you have.  

    For further information on the process, click here.


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