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The Multicultural Center

Getting to Graduation


Multicultural Graduation

Getting to Graduation

The Multicultural Center has designed a program to encourage our underrepresented student to take advantage of campus services and events that will enrich their academic experience. Students who actively participate in events and use resources often feel more comfortable on campus, do better academically, and successfully complete their degree.

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The Multicultural Center has always been a safe place for students of every background and always felt like home. With the events held throughout the school year, students are always prioritized by providing different workshops for specific needs.
Nallely Cardenas, Student

The Getting to Graduation Program has a Graduation Roadmap that awards points to students for participation in a variety of campus programs. Students can earn points in three areas: social, academic, and career.   Each area focuses on activities, encourages students to connect with others on campus, and take an active part in their college success. At the end of each semester, students earning at least half of the required points will earn a Getting to Graduation gift. At the end of each year, students earning the minimum points in each area will be invited to a Getting to Graduation recognition dinner.

Getting to Graduation