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Career Development Center

Tools and Services

Help for Building Your Future

The Career Development Center offers opportunities for you to explore your options for the future. From personality and interest tests to networking coaching and graduate school admission strategy, we’re here to provide you the tools you need to help build your future.

Career Handbook

You have a lot of decisions to make and goals to meet while seeking a degree. One of those decisions should be seeking career guidance early, and one of those goals should be making sure that you’re career ready. We’ve put together a comprehensive Career Handbook to help you along the way.

Four-Year Career Development Plan

Being prepared for your career doesn't happen overnight. Use our Four-Year Career Development Plan to ensure you are on track for a successful career.


Career and personality assessments can help you match your interests, strengths, and education with a satisfying career. These tools are also helpful if you’re struggling to choose a major. Each student has access to the free TypeFocus7 Career Assessment on the Career Development Tab in their goPFW account. If you would like help navigating your results after taking the assessment, schedule an appointment with one of our staff.

If the TypeFocus7 does not give you the depth of information you are looking for, we offer several career assessments in association with Purdue Fort Wayne’s Testing Services:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ($25 for students)
  • Strong Interest Inventory (SII) ($25 for students)

To take either of these assessments, schedule a preassessment appointment with a career counselor. If you are interested in taking both the MBTI and the SII, you may do so at a reduced cost of $35.


Networking allows you to build business relationships and connections with professionals who can help you achieve your goals. That’s why networking is the main way people find jobs. Having a strong network while you search for a job can lead to strong referrals, sometimes even before an open position is made public.

Start by learning more about the industries you’re interested in, and attending networking events. Utilize websites and social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to learn about target companies, and begin networking through people you already know who can introduce you to others.

Attend campus or other local networking events such as the Mastodon Internship Fair and Mastodon Career Fair. Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana and Greater Fort Wayne Inc. host various networking events throughout the year. Prepare for these events by knowing the agenda and dress code. Take copies of your résumé or business cards, and know what you want to say about yourself and why you would make a good contact.

Remember to follow up and follow through. Send a thank-you note within 48 hours to those you met and received contact information from. If they inquired about your résumé or asked for other information from you, provide that to them in a timely manner. Be respectful and appreciative of the other person’s time and offer to assist them. This shows knowledge of a two-way professional relationship and can help build stronger connections.

For information regarding local and state chapter professional organizations, networking opportunities, or guidance on how to build your personal brand, contact the Career Development Center at [email protected] or 260-481-0689.

Graduate School

Continuing your education after earning your bachelor’s degree may be the right step for you. Graduate school can be pursued out of a passion for a specific subject or because it is required to further your career. For some, an advanced degree increases marketability for a position, but for others, work experience in a specific field is more relevant and desired.

Additional information for graduate and professional schools is available in Helmke Library and the Career Development Center. It may also be available in various academic departments. Find information about graduate admissions tests (GRE, LSAT, etc.) from Testing Services. You can get information about financial aid through our Office of Financial Aid.

It is important to start your graduate school application process early—typically one year before you will attend graduate school—to allow time to research schools and take necessary admission exams. It is best to make an appointment with one of our staff members or a faculty member in your department to review your graduate school admission strategy.

Career Fairs

Purdue Fort Wayne coordinates two career fairs each year. In the fall, you can participate in the Mastodon Career Internship Fair for students seeking internships in the near future. In the spring (usually in March or April), you can join us for the Mastodon Career Fair for students seeking full-time positions upon graduation, as well as internships and part-time positions.