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photo of a Spinosaurus

News Release

International expert to visit PFW to discuss 'River of Giants' where one dinosaur ruled them all

FORT WAYNE, Ind.—During the Cretaceous Period—before the continents assumed their current positions—a huge river system flowed through what is now the Sahara Desert in northern Africa. These waterways were full of giant predators, where the Spinosaurus was king.

The College of Science at Purdue University Fort Wayne will welcome Nizar Ibrahim as part of its Honorary Invited Lecturer Series March 1 at 7 p.m. in Neff Hall, Room 101. Ibrahim, a senior lecturer in paleontology at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, will discuss his research interests in vertebrate morphology and evolution during his presentation “Spinosaurus and the River of Giants.”

A TED fellow who has reached millions of people around the world, Ibrahim uses a multitude of formats including speaking tours, documentary films, exhibits, educational videos, and books. He is also a speaker with the renowned National Geographic Speakers Bureau in Washington, D.C., and a research associate with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh.

The public is welcome to attend this free presentation in person, or online via WebEx at

For more information about the lecture, contact the College of Science at [email protected].