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Richard T. Doermer School of Business building.

News Release

Healthcare MBA now available through Purdue Fort Wayne

Students – current and prospective – and professionals already in the workforce who want to expand their skill set in the field of healthcare can now pursue a new Master of Business Administration concentration offered through Purdue University Fort Wayne’s Doermer School of Business.

The new MBA concentration, titled healthcare management, will be available at the start of the upcoming spring semester. The hybrid classes will typically meet on campus during the evening every other week. Course objectives include helping students:

  • understand how healthcare intersects with management and leadership
  • integrate current business solutions into healthcare environments while maintaining quality
  • identify ethical and legal issues in the framework of healthcare administration
    • make effective decisions respecting those implications
  • apply critical thinking and problem solving from business to healthcare management environments

“We already serve students from the major health systems working in a variety of professional and medical roles; this will help us refine the focus of their education in their field of choice,” said Chadi Braish, director of MBA programs at Purdue Fort Wayne’s Doermer School of Business. “In a recent survey of our MBA students, we found that over 40% showed some interest in learning about healthcare as a designated concentration.”

Additionally, faculty and staff at Purdue Fort Wayne are conducting research that bridges their specialty with healthcare, Braish said.

In October, the Doermer School of Business also announced that it would be adding two new undergraduate options for students wishing to pursue degrees and employment in the healthcare field. The first is a healthcare administration concentration as part of an existing management major, and the second is a minor in healthcare decision making, which will be available to students from any major. Both will also be available for the upcoming spring semester.

Those wishing to learn more about the healthcare MBA at Purdue Fort Wayne may contact Braish at [email protected] or 260-481-6495 (office).

For a full list of majors and minors offered by PFW, visit the university’s program finder.

Interview requests may be directed to Geoff Thomas at [email protected] or 260-437-7657 (mobile).