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Allen County math teachers bring ‘thinking’ to math classrooms

Math teacher Samantha McGlennen wandered around her Summit Middle School classroom, unfazed by the students’ chatter and laughter during a recent lesson about exponential growth.

The Southwest Allen County Schools students were collaborating in groups of three at chalkboards and dry-erase boards, tackling a story problem McGlennen presented minutes earlier.

Such scenes are common in McGlennen’s classes, which adopt the “building thinking classrooms” model, or BTC. The approach – which is gaining interest among northeast Indiana teachers – focuses on teaching students how to think mathematically and emphasizes the importance of mathematical concepts rather than memorizing formulas.

Local proponents, including Dave Meyer of Fort Wayne Community Schools, say such classrooms make math instruction more engaging and empower students to become more in charge of their learning.

Read the story in The Journal Gazette (subscription required)