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Employee Yoga class instructor demonstrating a standing balance pose

Health and Wellness

November 29, 2023

Employee Yoga: In-Person and Virtual Class

Athletics Center Fitness Studio

If you are looking for a low-impact exercise class to your well-being routine that is not dependent upon the weather, try yoga. Yoga can be done anytime, anywhere.

Yoga incorporates movement and deep breathing techniques as a way to de-stress, refocus your mind, and maintain or develop good balance and flexibility for life. 

Beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga enthusiasts will work at their own levels guided by health coach Lindsay Bloom. 


More Benefits and Tips

  • Whenever you need to refocus or relieve tense muscles, you can start the deep breathing techniques and practice a few poses anytime or anywhere—even at your desk.
  • Yoga is an individual practice, not a competitive team sport. You work at your own fitness level and at a pace that matches your fitness level.
  • Yoga helps you to stay focused in the present moment.
  • You can practice yoga at work or at home as part of your work-life integration.
  • Health coach Lindsay Bloom offers variations of poses for different levels of fitness.
  • You can choose to join the in-person class or do the virtual class with or without your camera turned on.
  • This yoga class encompasses all five pillars of wellness: physical health, social wellness, mental/behavioral health, work-life integration, and financial health,

Meet at the Fitness Studio in the Gates Sports Center. Space is limited.

Join the class

Meeting ID: 971 2106 0966
Passcode: Relax

Lindsay Bloom, employee health coach


[email protected]