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Health coach Lindsay Bloom showing a standing stretch exercise

Health and Wellness

November 29, 2023

121 Stretch


Join health coach Lindsay Bloom for this four-week virtual group class to learn the correct form for stretching and how to create your own stretching program. 

Flexibility exercises can benefit all ages and all fitness levels because they can increase mobility, ease lower back pain and more. Two health coaching sessions are also offered to monitor progress before and after the workshop.

Please register by October 30. Meeting link will be sent the day before the event.

take the next steps on your fitness journey

Group Health Coaching

A variety of Group Health coaching programs are taught by health coach Lindsay Bloom. Each program consists of four 1-hour classes via ZOOM and includes two one-on-one health coaching sessions—one in the beginning of the program and one at the end. 

During the pre-program session, Bloom will establish a baseline fitness level utilizing fitness tests and other assessment tools as well as discuss your health and fitness goals. The post-program session will assess goal progress and next steps on your fitness journey. 

Please wear clothing that allows easy movement for the exercises. Once class is ready to begin, choose your camera options. 

  • You may choose to keep your camera on to make the class feel like it is being held in-person. 
  • If you want the class to feel more like a personal and private session, you’re free to turn off your camera.

  • Benefits-eligible employees and spouses who are covered by the Purdue medical plan and are members of the Healthy Boiler Program may log in to the Healthy Boiler Portal. Scroll to Healthy Boiler Workshops, and if the workshop is listed, select 121 Stretch, and click submit to register.
  • Other faculty and staff may email Bloom at [email protected] to register. 

Please register by October 30.

Lindsay Bloom, employee health coach

[email protected]