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Division of Enrollment Management and the Student Experience

Support across the entire student experience.

In alignment with our mission, we provide leadership or partnership in efforts to engage, retain, and graduate a diverse and talented student body. But graduation isn’t the only end goal. We want to foster your thirst for knowledge; encourage your critical-thinking and communication skills; promote engagement and partnership on campus and in the community; and utilize our resources to enhance your time at Purdue Fort Wayne.

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Core Values

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Students First


Well-being and Belonging




Innovative Access and Sustainability

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Impact Report

Our annual report allows us to illustrate our emphasis on a welcoming environment that builds trust and fosters personal and intellectual growth. We continue to promote cross-cultural awareness and seek to build mutual respect. Explore the impact of our efforts.

2022–23 Report

2021–22 Report

2020–21 Report

Our team

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Krissy Surface
Vice Chancellor for the Division of Enrollment Management and the Student Experience
[email protected] 
X at @PurdueFWSA

Krissy Surface has vast experience at Purdue University Fort Wayne, serving as associate director of student life—upon joining campus in July 2009—director of student life, assistant vice chancellor of student success and transitions, interim director of financial aid, associate vice chancellor of enrollment management and student success, and vice chancellor of student affairs, prior to taking her current position in January 2021 and spearheading the creation of a new division.

Surface’s favorite part of Purdue Fort Wayne? The excitement and energy the students bring with them to campus every single day—and the Mastodon family atmosphere those qualities foster.

As a first-generation student, Surface, a native Arizonan, earned her B.S. from Northern Arizona University and an M.Ed. from Seattle University before being awarded a Ph.D. in global leadership in higher education from Indiana Tech. Surface also holds a postdoc certificate in enrollment management leadership from the University of Southern California.

In addition to making numerous conference presentations, Surface has authored many articles and, in 2018, coauthored A Good Job: Student Employment as a High-Impact Practice.

Surface is a wife, mom, dog mom, avid sports fan (particularly of the Mastodons), novice DIYer, lover of all things outdoors (especially kayaking), and aficionado of local restaurants and wineries.

Krissy Surface portrait.

Lynette Coughlin

[email protected]

Lynette Coughlin provides support and assistance to the vice chancellor’s office and is regularly in contact with all facets of the university and many community agencies. She ensures the success of the daily operations of the vice chancellor and entire Division of Enrollment Management and the Student Experience, while providing senior counsel to the vice vhancellor on matters concerning the work of the team.

Dave Reynolds

[email protected]

Dave Reynolds provides support to the division on all types of financial matters, in addition he offers guidance to all division offices and programs to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. University policies, procedures, and other behind-the-scenes efforts encompass his daily work.

Senior Staff

Working together for a better student experience.

Alex Backer

[email protected]

Alex Backer provides leadership for the Office of Student Life, Office of Student Leadership, and the Student Government Association. Additionally, she oversees the teams that support the Purdue Fort Wayne cheer squad and student shuttle program. Backer also serves as the contact for the divisional use of the Community platform and the organization of the Division of Enrollment Management and the Student Experience programming guides. Other responsibilities include editor of Toilet Times and chair of the Student Travel Fund Committee.

Abby Blackmon

[email protected]

Abby Blackmon leads the Office of Student Conduct and Care, a critical resource for students, faculty, and staff, that provides proactive and reactive education, support, and outreach; assistance in conflict resolution; and advancement in students’ holistic development and well-being. She provides expertise on policies and procedures related to student behavior and concerns, complaints and grievances, and crisis response. Additionally, Blackmon is a critical partner and change agent who encourages problem-solving, compassion, accountability, advocacy, and student success.

Gia Casaburo

[email protected]

As director for the Center for Student Counseling, Gia Casaburo is responsible for overseeing day-to-day, general-administrative, and clinical responsibilities at the center. In addition to her daily roles, Casaburo also provides training and programs designed to create an atmosphere conducive to the well-being, personal growth, and mental health of students.

Kerrie Fineran

[email protected]

Kerrie Fineran is both a faculty member in the School of Education and a member of the Division of Enrollment Management and the Student Experience. As a faculty member, she teaches graduate courses in the counseling program, including counseling skills, diagnosis and treatment planning, group counseling, multicultural counseling, and addiction and trauma counseling. Within the division, she founded and oversees the Center for Student Counseling and provides leadership for the Office of Student Conduct and Care, Disability Access Center, and Well-being and Recreation. Fineran champions a culture of wellness on campus and advocates for policies and procedures that make Purdue Fort Wayne a thriving and healthy place to live, work, and learn.

Ron Herrell

[email protected]

Making sure the university adheres to federal, state, and institutional financial aid regulations is Ron Herrell’s chief responsibility. He is also responsible for maintaining the Title IV Participation Agreement with US Department of Education, and he supports and actively participates in the university’s major initiatives for process improvement in financial aid. Herrell also provides leadership and professional development opportunities for staff members, and he oversees departmental policies and practices in support of service excellence for students and families.

Eric Manor

[email protected]

Eric Manor guides and manages Well-being and Recreation with a unique focus on incorporating holistic well-being, personal growth, and play into the Mastodon experience. He is responsible for overseeing a range of programs offered by WellRec, including the FRIENDS of the University Pantry, intramural sports, the fitness center, outdoor recreation, and comprehensive well-being programs that span the entire campus.

Ryan McCombs

[email protected]

Ryan McCombs sets strategic priorities for the center and provides leadership and supervision to Disability Access Center staff. As an advocate on behalf of our disabled students, McCombs educates the university community about equitable disability access through service on a variety of committees and promotes social justice through the inclusion of disabled students in the university environment.

Maureen Linvill

[email protected]

Maureen Linvill provides a welcoming environment for international students to support them through their student life cycle. Along with the support of her staff, she provides nonimmigrant visa guidance and monitors the immigration status of international students. She also develops and implements strategies to attract, support, and retain international students at Purdue Fort Wayne.

Giang Petroviak

[email protected]

Giang Petroviak develops and executes programming for all new incoming students, including New Student Orientation, first-year student immersions, and on-boarding programs. Through her work she seeks to provide a welcoming environment for students and families as they begin their journey, and to ensure a smooth transition to Purdue Fort Wayne. She also oversees signature family programming and runs the Parent and Family Association.

Jackie Stancil

[email protected]

Jackie Stancil provides strategic long-term vision and direction for the Career Development Center. This includes oversight of student-focused programs to encourage career preparation, readiness, and success and employer-focused events to maximize the opportunities available to students and alumni. She serves as an advisor to the vice chancellor for enrollment management and the student experience regarding employment trends, industry standards, and student-employment challenges. Stancil is also a community connection for all employers seeking highly capable, career-ready Mastodon interns or graduates. 

[email protected]

Marcus Weemes provides oversight and vision for the operations of student housing and dining services. He creates strategic plans to improve the campus residential experience and works closely with staff from around the university to ensure delivery of residential and on-campus dining experiences designed to promote retention and graduation. Weemes works to create the long-term plan for housing facilities and operations to provide students with safe, clean, and affordable housing that residents are able to call their home away from home.

Ryan Wooley

[email protected]

As the associate vice chancellor for enrollment management, Ryan Wooley oversees crucial enrollment areas, including admissions, international education, financial aid, and new student programs. His role involves providing strategic leadership and working with campus partners to attract and retain students, contributing to the development and execution of enrollment growth strategies. In addition, his role leads the enrollment management division in identifying, recruiting, admitting, enrolling, and financially supporting talented and diverse undergraduate students. Wooley collaborates across the campus by working closely with academic schools, colleges, and units to achieve these goals. Externally, he partners with community organizations in northeast Indiana that are invested in assisting area residents achieve access to quality postsecondary education.

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