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ETCS Safety Committee

The purpose of the ETCS Safety Committee is to reduce safety, health, and environmental risks in academic laboratories. To accomplish this purpose, the Committee is charged with:

  • Earning and maintaining annual certification of ETCS laboratories through the Purdue Integrated Safety Plan (ISP)
  • Ensuring that students receive written instructions, including safety warnings, prior to participating in any laboratory experiment.
  • Ensuring that employees and students working in laboratories receive appropriate safety training.
  • Developing a process for reporting and addressing safety concerns in laboratories.
  • Recommending safety policies to the Dean of ETCS.

Committee Membership

Barry Dupen(chair) Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology
Jacques Chansavang Continuous Lecturer, Computer Science
Bongsu Kang Professor of Mechanical Engineering
David Momoh Assistant Professor of Computer and Electrical Engineering Technology
Guoping Wang Associate Professor of Computer Engineering

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