Important: New Academic Organizational Structure in Effect July 1
As of July 1, the College of Arts and Sciences has split into two new colleges: the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science. Learn more here.

Faculty in Focus: Bruce Kingsbury

Bruce Kingsbury joined COAS’s Department of Biology in 1992. Kingsbury has held several positions on campus, including department chair and, most recently, Interim Associate Dean of COAS.

In 2000, Kingsbury developed one of IPFW’s first Centers of Excellence, the Herpetofaunal Education and Research Program (HERP) Center to promote the understanding and conservation of reptiles and amphibians. However, by 2012, Kingsbury became cognizant of the HERP Center’s narrow focus and decided to rebrand this Center of Excellence. In fall 2012, Kingsbury established the Environmental Resource Center (ERC).  The ERC’s similar, but broader—and thus, more inclusive—mission is to preserve natural resources, provide collaborative opportunities, and work with local organizations.

The ERC also provides research opportunities to IPFW students. Its core members are primarily biology graduate students whose research is often tied directly to the ERC, such as Kevin McClain, who was recently featured in Fort Wayne’s News Sentinel in an article about his research tracking snapping turtles in the St. Joe River.

Through the ERC, Kingsbury utilizes students from across campus. The software used to track reptiles was designed in part by IPFW computer programming students. Kingsbury uses a graphic design intern to design fliers and artwork for the ERC. His commitment to collaboration and expansion creates opportunities for students to get hands-on experience at IPFW while benefiting the community through the work of the ERC.

Kingsbury’s campus involvement extends beyond the biology department, “I see myself as someone who bridges different fields and different interests. There’s a lot of work for graduate students, but there are lots of opportunity for undergraduates to participate in research too. We do a lot of biology, but that isn’t the limit of what we want to do. We’re thinking big.”

To learn more about the ERC and Kingsbury’s work, watch his Faculty in Focus interview, visit the ERC website, or contact the biology department. To see Kingsbury in action, watch this Nature Conservancy video.