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What is Actuarial Science?

Actuaries manage risk and uncertainty using quantitative methods, practicing skills and knowledge in math, statistics, and finance to analyze and assess risk factors. Actuaries work in a variety of fields and are particularly important in the insurance industry.

Actuarial Science is a growing field in Fort Wayne, and IPFW offers the only program in Northeast Indiana. Consistently ranked among the highest for job satisfaction and quality of life, actuaries earn an average salary of $96,700Icon_External_Link with demand expected to continue growing faster than most occupations.


Aside from offering the only Actuarial Science program in Northeast Indiana, we offer courses that meet the standards for Validation by Educational Experience topics, approved by the Society of Actuaries (SOA)Icon_External_Link. Our courses prepare students for the SOA exams upon graduation, which are determined by the area of Actuarial Science the student wants to practice. Students in the Actuarial Science program at IPFW will gain an understanding of the discipline through theory as well as practical application, providing them with a stable foundation for success when they begin their career.