College of Professional Studies

The Self-Paced pathway enables students to take courses in the sequence (after completion of EDU 50001) and on a timeline that is determined by them.

Courses for the Self-Paced pathway are offered over multiple semesters and follow the meeting schedule offered by traditional graduate programs. The advantage of the Self-Paced pathway is that the student can control their progression through the program according to their needs. However, it must be noted that university enrollment number guidelines must be met for each of the traditional classes to be held. Therefore, early enrollment is encouraged to avoid cancellation of a course offering. Progression through the program requires that students maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and complete the key assessments in associated courses.

20170329-Woman-Library-Study"I found my experience in the very valuable. It is a program that truly fosters leaders. Not only did I get an opportunity to learn from experienced administrators, but I also received real-world experience through my internship, action research projects, and interviews. Stepping out of the program, I felt prepared to be an Instructional Leader promoting student-centered education."

Jennifer Evans, Intern in Leadership, FWCS, Educational Leadership Alumna