School of Education

Graduates of the program may apply for an Indiana Building Level Leadership license when they:

  1. Pass the state required licensing examination
  2. Provide proof of CPR/AED certification
  3. Document that they have had two years of teaching or counseling experience on a valid Indiana license
  4. Fulfill an exit interview with Educational Leadership faculty

An application for an Indiana Building Level license is not required for degree fulfillment. If students already possess a Master’s degree before entering the program they may seek certification only rather than an additional degree.

Career options for graduations of the Educational Leadership program include:

  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • District Administrator
  • Instructional Coordinator
  • Director or Supervisor
  • Dean of Students or Faculty
  • College Provost
  • University Registrar

20170329-Woman-Library-Study"I found my experience in the very valuable. It is a program that truly fosters leaders. Not only did I get an opportunity to learn from experienced administrators, but I also received real-world experience through my internship, action research projects, and interviews. Stepping out of the program, I felt prepared to be an Instructional Leader promoting student-centered education."

Jennifer Evans, Intern in Leadership, FWCS, Educational Leadership Alumna