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Professional Sales Certificate

The goal of the Doermer School of Business Professional Sales Certificate is to prepare students for professional careers in the field of sales. The five courses included in the certificate enable students to: effectively use marketing processes that deliver value through a well-designed marketing mix; prospect, qualify leads, nurture customer relationships, conduct win-win situations sales negotiations, manage a sales force, and make effective use of sales technology and social selling; and use knowledge of consumer behavior to adapt sales and marketing strategies.

Course Number

Course Title


BUS 30101

Introduction to Marketing


BUS 31202

Retail Marketing


BUS 40500

Consumer Behavior


BUS 41300

Personal Selling


BUS 42600

Sales Management


Total 15 credits (9 credits must be taken in the Doermer School of Business)


Any admitted student who has completed at least 60 credit hours or an Associate degree is eligible to declare this certificate.

You must meet the prerequisites for each course and earn a grade of C- or better in each course. You must complete at least 9 of the 15 required credits in the Doermer School of Business to be eligible to receive this certificate.

Please see the course catalog for specific information regarding this certificate: