Fort Wayne Senate

Academic Regulations Grades


  • 6.0: Grades
  • 6.1: Basis of grades. The instructor is responsible for explaining to students, preferably in writing at the beginning of an academic session, the course requirements and grading system to be used. Each student shall be assigned a grade in each course in which the student is enrolled at the close of the session.
    • The student is responsible for the completion of all required work in each course, by the time of the last scheduled meeting of the course or other deadline set by the instructor, unless the student has officially withdrawn from the course, or unless the student and the instructor have agreed that a grade of Incomplete will be assigned.
  • 6.2: Semester grades. The following grades may be assigned:    
A, A+, A- Outstanding achievement
B, B+, B- Above-average achievement
C, C+, C- Average achievement
D, D+, D- Below-average achievement; lowest passing grade
Except in the computation of GPA, these grades are referred to simply as A, B, C, or D grades
F Failure, or unauthorized discontinuance of class attendance; no credit
I Incomplete; a temporary record of passing work which (1) was interrupted by circumstances beyond the student's control or (2) represents satisfactory work-in-progress in an independent-study or self-paced course
IF Unremoved Incomplete, Failing. Recorded for failure to achieve a permanent grade by the deadline stated in these regulations.
NC Completion of the course as an auditor; carries no credit
NP- Not passing grade when enrolled under the P/NP enrollment option Purdue  University students who receive this grade will have a grade of N recorded on official transcripts.
P Passing grade; under the P/NP option, equivalent to a grade of A, B, or C
S Satisfactory, credit; awarded by the Registrar upon satisfactory performance in a course offered only on an S/F basis, or on a departmental/ divisional examination, or another award of special credit, or completion  of a zero- credit course.  Purdue University students who receive this grade  will have a grade of P recorded on official transcripts whenever the course  involves one or more credits
W Withdrew; a record of the fact that the student officially withdrew  from (dropped) a course or was administratively withdrawn from a  course for nonpayment of fees after the end of the fourth week
NS Not Submitted; assigned when a grade is not submitted by the instructor.
  • 6.3: P/NP option. The P/NP option provides the student with the opportunity to take free electives with minimal concern for grades earned. The student who enrolls under this option must fulfill the same requirements as others enrolled in the course. The instructor will not be told which students have elected this option. The instructor's grades of A, B, and C for these students are changed to the grade of P by the Registrar. The instructor's grades of D or F are changed by the Registrar to grades of NP for Purdue University students. Purdue University students who receive the grade of NP will have a grade of N recorded on official transcripts. Grades of P and NP are not used in computing the GPA.

Exercise of this option is subject to three limitations:

  • 6.3.1: The student may elect the option only for courses which fulfill no graduation requirement except total number of credits (i.e. only for free-elective courses).
  • 6.3.2: The student may not elect this option for any course in which the student has received a grade of A, B, C, D, or F.
  • 6.3.3: The student may not elect this option for more than 20 percent of the credits required for graduation.
  • 6.4: Incompletes. A grade of I is a temporary record of passing work which (1) was interrupted by circumstances beyond the student's control or (2) represents satisfactory work-in-progress in an independent-study or self-paced course. A student must have a majority of the required coursework completed (as determined by the instructor) before the instructor is permitted to assign the grade of incomplete. The instructor who reports a grade of I shall file in the Registrar's Office a statement that includes the following information:
    • The reason for the incomplete
    • The requirements for completion of the course
    • The grade for the course to date
    • The time limit allowed for completion of the course, shall not exceed one calendar year. An instructor may change the incomplete to a regular letter grade if requirements for completion of the course are not met within the specified period.
    • Given extenuating circumstances, and approval of the instructor and the instructor's dean/division director, the time limit may be extended for a period not to exceed one additional calendar year.
    • The Registrar's Office shall change the I to an IF unless the student graduates or removes the incomplete within the time allowed.
    • If the student re-enrolls in the same course while the incomplete is still on the record, and the course is not repeatable for credit, the original incomplete shall remain on the record permanently.
    • Students transferring resident credit for a course bearing an unremoved incomplete shall have the grade of I recorded for up to one calendar year from the date of admission to IPFW. At the end of this period, if the student has not graduated or provided evidence that the incomplete has been changed to a permanent grade, the Registrar's Office shall change any such unremoved incomplete to IF.
  • 6.5: Final grade report. Each student's complete record for the session and the student's cumulative GPA shall be reported to the student, to the student's major department, and to the student's school/division.
  • 6.6: Changes of grade
  • 6.6.1: An instructor who discovers, within 30 days of the grade-processing deadline, that a grade reported for a student was in error shall promptly submit to the Registrar a statement, on a form specified by the Registrar and countersigned by the instructor's department chair/division director, of the circumstances of the error and of the change to be incorporated in future GPA's. Correction of errors after this time shall also require the approval of the instructor's dean/division director.
  • 6.6.2: The Registrar shall inform the student, the department chair/division director, and the dean of the change of grade.
  • 6.6.3: A student may retake any course. Unless the course is described in the Bulletin or its supplement as repeatable for credit, credit will be given only once for a repeated course, and only the most recent grade earned will be incorporated in GPA calculations.
  • 6.6.4: A student may seek to effect a change of grade through the grade-appeals procedure established by the Fort Wayne Senate.